Dawsons Announces Next Entertainment Memorabilia Auction

Featuring items from Tim Rose's (aka Admiral Ackbar) Collection


Dawsons Auctioneers is delighted to announce its next upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia auction, set to take place on Wednesday 11th September at 2:00 PM BST. This highly anticipated event will feature an array of iconic items, including selected pieces from the collection of Tim Rose, best known for his role as Admiral Ackbar in the Star Wars franchise. 


“Following some strong interest and impressive results for items consigned to our last specialist Entertainment Memorabilia sale, we are looking forward to valuing, consigning, and carefully curating more wonderful memorabilia from the world of entertainment for our September auction.”  

- Peter Mason, Dawsons Auctioneers


A collection of nine original Star Wars 'Return of the Jedi' magazines, 1983 -1984, all signed by Tim Rose

Estimate £200-£300


A Star Wars Legend

Tim Rose is celebrated for his portrayal of beloved characters such as Admiral Ackbar in Return of Jedi, Solacious B Crumb (a Jester in the court of Jabba Desilijic), and Sy Snootles (a bounty hunter). The team at Dawsons are extremely excited that Tim has entrusted us to market and sell a selection of his personal memorabilia at auction. Fans and collectors will have the unique opportunity to acquire rare and treasured items directly connected to the legendary actor and puppeteer.

a 1980s Frank Oz signed novelty 'Yoda' cap, together with an 'R2-D2' cap signed by Kenny Baker, a Star Wars Episode VIII 'The Last Jedi' cap signed by Tim Rose, and another similar, signed by Brian Herring, the actor who performed 'BB-8'

Estimate £500-£700


Call for Entries

In addition to the extraordinary pieces from Tim Rose's collection, Dawsons is now inviting further entries for this exceptional sale. We welcome consignments of high-quality entertainment memorabilia, including items from film, television, music, and popular culture. Whether you have autographs, costumes, props, or other collectable memorabilia, this auction presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase and sell your treasured items to a global audience. Our dynamic in-house marketing direct to buyers all over the world, allied with creative social media posts, ensures that we achieve the highest sale prices for our clients.


A plaster life-cast face mask of David Bowie, produced for the 1986 film 'Labyrinth'

Estimate £500-£700


Event Details

The auction will commence at 2:00 PM BST on Wednesday, 11th September. Collectors, enthusiasts, and fans are encouraged to participate in what promises to be a landmark event in the entertainment memorabilia marketplace.


How to Participate

To consign items for the auction or to enquire further about the event, please contact our Entertainment Memorabilia department. Dawsons’ team of experienced Valuers would be delighted to provide confidential sales advice, current market valuations, and assist with all aspects of the consignment process.


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