Dawsons' August Fine Art & Antiques auction

Take a closer look at some of the favoured antique lots from the day...

Another successful Fine Art & Antiques auction has come and gone...


The antique portion of the Fine Art, Antiques & Asian Art auction never disappoints, and this month was no exception, with a distinct theme of rare coins and Lalique.

A firm favourite amongst a number of fine examples of Lalique glass work was this majestic double fish sculpture of a pair of writhing fish on a circular base, which sold for £700 on the day.

Lalique double fish sculpture

 Lalique double fish sculpture. Sold for £700.


Every cat lover's dream! The sale featured a collection of eight Lalique frosted cat figures and one Sevres cat figure in various poses, each bearing engraved or etched marks to the base. These glassy felines were a popular choice amongst the bidders.

Eight Lalique frosted cat figures

 Eight Lalique frosted cat figures. Sold for £750.


A fishy theme continued, with a fantastic Lalique glass Igor circular caviar serving bowl and cover, which certainly piqued some interest. With frosted rearing fish finial and gold-plated bowl support. The outer bowl is supported on the backs of three stylized fishes.

Lalique glass Igor circular caviar serving bowl

 Lalique glass Igor circular caviar serving bowl. Sold for £650.


A keen colourful favourite within the auciton was a collection of twelve Lalique frosted glass angel fish figures of various colours. This bright school of fish will be happy to accompany their new owner home, selling on the day for £400.

Lalique frosted glass angel fish figures

 Lalique frosted glass angel fish figures. Sold for £400.


This Lalique opalescent frosted glass perch car mascot figure on a circular base was a standout lot on the day that gathered a lot of interest, selling for £220.

Lalique opalescent frosted glass perch car mascot figure

 Lalique opalescent frosted glass perch car mascot figure. Sold for £220.


Moving on from the crystal excellence of Lalique into rare coins, we are delighted to mention the Victoria 'Gothic' crown - from 1847, this coin was very popular indeed with our bidders and eventually sold for £3,300.

Victoria Gothic crown 1847

 Victoria 'Gothic' crown, 1847. Sold for £3,300.


It is always exciting when rare coins find their way into our saleroom and go under the hammer, and this next lot is no exception. Below are Victorian coins of the British Isles, comprising Crowns 1889, 1897 & 1898, halfcrowns 1874, 1896, 1900 & 1901, shillings 1856, 1859, 1882 and sixpence 1852 & 1901.

Victorian coins of the British Isles

 Victorian coins of the British Isles. Sold for £1,300.


When we look at rare coins, it is as if we are looking into the past. This William III shilling from 1697 tells a story from all those years ago.

 William III shilling 1697

 William III shilling, 1697. Sold for £300.


A very rare find indeed, this George V wreath crown from 1934 has been kept beautifully. Selling for £3,100 on the day.

George V wreath crown from 1934

 George V wreath crown from 1934. Sold for £3,100.


Next up, was this Geo V Wreath Crown six coin proof set from 1927, wreath crown - 3d, in original gilt decorated red leather case.

Geo V Wreath Crown six coin proof set

 Geo V Wreath Crown six coin proof set, 1927. Sold for £500.


A real piece of history! In this last coin lot to feature within our highlights from the sale. We have a silver Denarius from Julius Caesar as Dictator dated 49-44 BC, which has been struck off centre. Selling for £550.

Rome Republic Julius Caesar as Dictator silver Denarius

 Rome - Republic, Julius Caesar as Dictator (49 - 44 BC), silver Denarius. Sold for £550.


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