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Our Asian art department is renowned for selling the finest traditional and contemporary art, porcelain, ivory, jade, furniture and sacred items that represent the rich and vibrant cultures of China, Japan, South East Asian countries and Tibetan lands. Representing the diverse cultural and rich artistic heritage of the Oriental art market, our strong sale results are driven by increasingly affluent populations in countries across this region engaging in competitive bidding to repatriate and own objects of cultural heritage. This is summarised in the trends seen in the market for Chinese Decorative Arts reaching six-figure sums in sales around the world. This trend continues in other nations throughout this vast continent, with increasingly buoyant results for Indian, Colonial and South East Asian antiquities. With multiple experts in disciplines such as jade, porcelain, art, furniture, metalwork and textiles, Dawsons is ideally placed to advise vendors and collectors on buying and selling in this burgeoning market.

If you would like to buy or sell at auction, please contact us to discuss your items in further detail or arrange a complimentary valuation with one of our specialists. If you are looking to transport items overseas, we’d be more than happy to advise on the options available to you.


代表了东方艺术市场的多元文化和丰富的艺术遗产,我们的亚洲艺术部定期拍售印度,东南亚,中亚,日本和印度尼西亚的艺术品。亚洲艺术市场在过去十年中取得了巨大的增长,而且没有出现减缓的迹象。我们拥有玉石,象牙,瓷器,艺术品,家具,金属制品和纺织品等领域的专家,可以在这个蓬勃发展的市场中为卖家和买家提供购买及销售方面的建议。 如要预约专家,请与我们联系。


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