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A successful property sale is often hindered by a number of complications, including probate and the clearance of all items. We recognise that speed is of essence, and that’s why we’ve mastered a swift and streamlined service that prepares your client’s property for sale in one simple transaction.

From small apartments to large estates, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience covering valuation, probate, clearance, logistics and sales. We work with many estate agents who trust us to speak to their clients and provide a professional and efficient service to sell items and clear properties completely.



Upon instruction we will attend the property to transport saleable items to our saleroom, ready for cataloguing, marketing and auction. We also care for the unsaleable items that are not suitable for auction, by recycling them or donating them to charity as your client so wishes.

Each and every item is cleared in one single transaction; leaving the property clean, tidy and ready to go to market.



Our team of trusted specialists swiftly attend the property, and produce a detailed inventory with care and discretion, completing the service with a written and digital valuation suitable for, probate, insurance, inheritance tax and estate planning if required


If you’d like to discuss how we can assist your client in more detail, please do get in touch.

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