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Are you contemplating clearing and selling the contents of a house containing fine jewellery, paintings, contemporary furniture, decorative art or collectables?

This can be a difficult and stressful task. Our friendly team of specialist valuers would be delighted to help you identify all those finer items that have a value within your home and provide a clearance service too… leaving your property empty and ready for sale.


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If you believe that you may have valuable art, antiques, ceramics, jewellery, or collectables that you are considering selling, we can ensure you achieve the highest possible price. We regularly attend properties and help clients to clear their homes, whilst also providing them with peace of mind that they have not lost out on any potential auction sale value.

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When dealing with the clearance of a loved ones’ home (or even your own house) there are many factors at play, and besides being an emotionally draining time, it can be incredibly difficult to truly understand what a loved one may have been collecting or ‘keeping for a rainy day’ amongst their lifetime of belongings.

We would always recommend that you instruct an expert Valuer to cast their eye over items that you feel may have a value, you simply never know what they may uncover… It is often the case that items with significant value can be hiding in plain sight!

This was certainly the case with a customer who instructed our Jewellery Team to carry out a valuation on a large collection of inherited jewellery that included a significant number of items which had been stored for many years within a costume jewellery box. The client felt that the costume jewellery would have no significant value, but we were keen to ensure that no items of value were missed.

The costume jewellery box was truly a treasure trove! Our Valuer was delighted to discover one exquisite piece after another, and the client was astonished at the extraordinary value that we had helped them to find within this box that had been hidden from the light of day for many years.

The treasures unveiled included a French Art Deco platinum and multi-gem Egyptian revival pendant, a French gold mesh evening bag, an Art Deco sapphire and diamond bow brooch, and an 18ct gold half-hunter pocket watch… Dawsons bespoke international marketing to over 10 million active bidders then stirred up a huge amount of interest amongst interested parties from across the globe, and some truly fantastic prices were achieved for our client.

Do you need an expert Valuer to cast their eyes over art, antiques, jewellery, or collectables that you feel may have a value? Please do get in touch, we would be delighted to help you.




A French Art Deco Egyptian revival pendant

Sold for £39,500

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