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With the last two years seeing a steady resurgence in styles from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s… 2024 shows potential to continue with this late 20th century influence. Fashions and trends always tend to come back around, and here we have put together a list of some of the “blast from the recent past” themes that are promising to make waves over the next year.

The minimalist movement remains hugely in favour when it comes to decorating our homes, one-off statement pieces have become increasingly coveted as enthusiasts strive to add personalised splashes of character to their homes.


Dame Elisabeth Frink (1930 - 1993), Study of the Artist's dog

Sold for £18,000 


Mid-century design and Scandinavian modernism are poised to take centre stage in the year ahead, with curved furniture items such as Eames chairs, Serpentine sofas, Isokon furniture, and Wishbone chairs still top of the charts. G Plan and Ercol homeware will remain in demand, while Barcelona chairs, De Sede Snake sofas and Scarpa Soriana seating are likely to see an increasing interest. Traditional good quality furniture is also growing in appreciation, with trends leaning towards multifunctional pieces that provide character to the décor.

Elaborate sculptured lights and chrome lamps are highly anticipated for the coming months. Think Murano glass pendants and chandeliers, Noguchi paper lamps and luminaires by Ingo Maurer!


Dame Elisabeth Frink (1930 - 1993), Mirage (1967)

Sold for £13,000 


Palettes of soft earthy tones of chocolate brown, rust, and olive green with an introduction of contrasting retro colours, like mustard and robin’s egg blue, that were the rage in the later part of the 20th century and set to be the colours of choice.

Textures and natural elements of florals and plants will also dominate tastes. We expect to see a growth in demand for Lalique pieces, with a strengthening in the market for glass by Murano and Sam Herman. Studio pottery by Hans Coper, Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie will continue to be popular.


John Piper (1903 - 1992), St Mary the Virgin Church

Sold for £13,000


Many economists are predicting an increase in expenditure in contemporary and fine art as an asset in 2024, and we anticipate 20th century British art to be one of the most prosperous sectors. Modernist landscapes in the Swedish style, abstracts, still lifes, lithographs and fabrics, as well as pop art and 1960s minimalist Geometric art are all forecast to be in favour over the coming months.

Certain toys from the 1960s through to the 1990s continue to gain interest due to the increasing nostalgia and desire evoked amongst those collectors who will remember playing with these items in their youth. Star Wars collectables are some of the most desired.

It is clear that 2024 is the year for natural elements, with a focus on the beauty of individual items as well as investment in pieces that will have a positive environmental effect. 


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