Do Tiffany Rings hold their Value?

A deep dive into Tiffany Rings


Throughout the 20th century Tiffany & Co. has been celebrated in popular culture, with appearances in film, music, and books to name a few, the Tiffany brand is interchangeably linked with love, luxury, and diamonds!

Arguably one of the most recognisable brands on the planet, with their distinctive blue packaging, Tiffany is a name that has been synonymous with luxury jewellery for almost two centuries. The American firm was founded in 1837 and is responsible for creating the most iconic engagement ring of all time. Charles Lewis Tiffany designed a solitaire diamond ring with six prongs lifting a round diamond on a plain band, this allowed light to pass through the stone resulting in an exceptional sparkle. Launched in 1886 the ring was an instant success and remains hugely popular to this day. Indeed, if you look at the emoji for an engagement ring on an iPhone – it is a six-pronged solitaire!


Tiffany & Co. - a diamond trilogy ring, centred with a round brilliant-cut diamond

Sold for £3,200


Like any luxury goods, once a ring has been purchased from a retailer it will invariably lose value as soon as it leaves the store. While these pieces of jewellery will hold a value relative to their design and materials, Tiffany rings enjoy an additional premium due to the brand having established a reputation for producing items of the highest quality. Recent growth in demand for Tiffany & Co. jewellery has seen an appreciation in value for modern, vintage and certainly antique rings from this legendary jeweller. Factors such as the historical significance, rarity and condition can further enhance the value of a Tiffany ring.


A Tiffany & Co. diamond solitaire ring

Sold for £2,600


Tiffany & Co. pride themselves on cutting their diamonds to achieve maximum brilliance by working to the highest standards. They employ their own in-house handpicked team of diamond experts and gemmologists who regularly monitor the quality of stones being used. The company employ sustainable practices to source diamonds and metals, which only makes them more desirable in today’s more eco-conscious society.


A Tiffany and Co. diamond eternity ring

Sold for £1,800


Since the mid-1800s, every Tiffany purchase has been accompanied by their signature blue box, and from as far back as 1870 pieces have been clearly signed to identify Tiffany as the maker. During the 1990s Tiffany & Co. started providing certificates for diamond rings and engraving the serial number onto the inner band. These practices support authenticity and provide increased security for potential buyers. Provenance is an important factor when selling Tiffany & Co. rings (or jewellery) and having their original paperwork and packaging will help to realise more value on the open market.

Renowned for their simple yet exquisite designs, Tiffany & Co. has a strong resale value in the market and hold their worth very well. A true classic that will always be sought after, both new and on the secondary market.


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