How Much is an Original Lowry Worth?

Lowry's status as a cultural icon is well established


As one of Britain's most celebrated artists, he is renowned for his unique and distinctive style, depicting the industrial landscapes and working-class communities of mid-20th century northern England, his status as a cultural icon is well established.

Between 1999 and 2019, the average price for a Lowry print increased by approximately 700%. In 2022, Lowry's 1953 painting " Going to the Match " sold for a record-breaking £7,846,500 at auction, with the lithograph version of this same painting achieving the highest price for a Lowry print in the same year. It is evident that the market for Lowry is thriving.


Laurence Stephen Lowry (1887-1976) British, 'The Three Cats, Alstow'

Sold for £6,400


The value of a Lowry artwork is determined by a variety of factors, including the size, subject matter, materials, and condition of the work. Paintings from Lowry's most acclaimed period in the 1940s-1950s tend to command the highest prices, with his iconic matchstick figure scenes being particularly sought-after by collectors. His unique use of only five oil colours, (ivory black, vermilion, Prussian blue, yellow ochre, flake white), meant that he could masterfully manipulate colours and tones while focusing on the composition, perspective, and subject matter. A Lowry oil on canvas typically ranges from £100,000 upwards, while his works on board sit between £50,000 and £80,000. Of course, there will always be exceptions to these general values depending on the historical significance of the work.


Laurence Stephen Lowry RA (1887-1976) British, 'Street Scene',

Sold for £5,500


Original Lowry prints are priced according to the edition size and number, condition, quality, and subject matter – if it is after one of his more popular paintings; released in editions of 75 to 850, low editions are generally harder to come by and more sought-after, however, when it comes to this artist, the importance of subject matter can surpass the edition number. L.S Lowry prints vary significantly in value and can achieve anywhere from £500 to an astounding £40,000 in the current market.

Drawings by this celebrated artist can achieve five-figure sums and less, influenced by the subject matter, execution and condition. Although the majority of Lowry works depict Pendlebury, Greater Manchester as well as Salford and the surrounding areas, he also produced portraits and sea landscapes. He would often sketch with charcoal or pencil on any material he could find when he was travelling around the country.


Laurence Stephen Lowry RBA RA (1887-1976) British a limited edition signed print, 'The Cart'

Sold for £6,600


The enduring appeal of Lowry works continues to fuel the market demand, consequently the prices his art achieves are decidedly flourishing. If you have a Lowry painting, print or drawing that you would like appraised, our experts at Dawsons would be delighted to assess your work and provide further information as well as a current market valuation.



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