Is Macallan whisky a good investment?

If you're looking for a sound, long-term investment, look no further


When shopping around for a solid investment opportunity, with so many options available, fine wine and spirits can be overlooked.

However, if you're looking for something long-term and relatively low risk, look no further... whisky might just be a fantastic investment.


Why invest in whisky?

Whilst there is never an absolute guarantee of a good return on any investment, investing in a bottle or cask of whisky from a reputable distillery is possibly one of the most reliable investments you can make.

Like a bottle of fine wine, a reputable cask of whisky will, to an extent, increase in value with each year it is left to mature. Whilst the maturation process of whisky stops once it is decanted into a bottle and sealed, if stored correctly, a good bottle of whisky will maintain and steadily increase its value for years as demand increases and supply decreases.

For both bottle and cask investments, interest has snowballed since whisky was named as the top luxury asset in the 2018 KFLI report, and Macallan has become the number one recipient of these investments. 


Who are Macallan? 

When it comes to premium quality whisky, Macallan are virtually unrivalled.

Founded in 1824, by farmer and schoolteacher, Alexander Reid, Macallan was one of the first distilleries in Speyside to acquire a license. Renowned for its Scottish heritage and unique production techniques, the Macallan distillery is located on a 390-acre estate in the Scottish Highlands and relies predominantly on the natural Scottish environment to produce its whisky, even extracting its own water from the springs below the estate.

Scotland is famously the home of whisky, and it is Macallan’s rich history and distinguished, full-bodied fruitiness that has given it prestige as a top investment amongst wine and spirit collectors in recent years.


Strategic investment is key

It is important to think strategically when looking to invest in whisky. Note that in addition to the age and initial value of a whisky, the reputation of the brand is possibly the most important indication of the kind of return you will see on your investment.

It is often the case when selling whisky, that some brands have a better return than others, even if their bottles are of a similar age and original price. This is due to the fluctuating demand for particular brands at certain times. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with market activity when looking to invest and sell.


Why invest in Macallan?

Forward thinking is the key to the long-term success of any business, and Macallan certainly recognise the importance of investing in their future.

Whilst their traditional recipes are consistently popular, they remain uncomplacent and continue to develop recipes and diversify their range of products. An example of this is the Fine Oak series that was introduced in 2004, and further developed to become the Triple Cask Matured range in 2018, a series that proved very popular amongst collectors.

Macallan have invested so heavily in their brand since they launched two centuries ago, that their products are globally regarded as luxury assets.

After more than a decade of collaboration, Macallan and Lalique, masters of whisky and crystal respectively, teamed up to create the ultimate luxury whisky range: The Six Pillars Collection, described as “the marriage and mastery of crystal, spirit, and wood, founded on a shared belief in craftmanship, artistry and the obsessive pursuit of perfection.”


Photo by Forbes 

1926 bottle of Macallan that broke records at auction in the US in 2019

Sold for $1.9 million


Now is a great time to invest in Macallan whisky

During a period of global crisis, including a pandemic, war, and recession, it is safe to say that we are living in uncertain times.

For most investors, timing is crucial and disruption to global markets has been detrimental to the returns on their investments. However, fortunately when it comes to whisky, time is usually on your side.

If you invest in the right brands and store your bottles correctly, whisky will maintain its quality and increase in value over time, making it one of the most reliable investments during times of uncertainty.

Moreover, like most things, the price of spirits has dropped, and so if you choose to invest in a consistently strong brand like Macallan now, you can expect to see good returns in years to come when the market has been restored. Thanks to Macallan’s reputation and a steady increase in demand, in terms of risk versus reward, there has never been a better time to invest.


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