Record-High Gold Prices

Why Now is the Golden Opportunity to Sell


In recent financial headlines, the soaring price of gold has captivated investors and collectors alike. As expert global auctioneers, we at Dawsons have witnessed a noteworthy surge in interest in this precious metal. With gold prices now at an all-time high, many are contemplating whether it's the opportune moment to part with their cherished gold possessions or heirlooms. We believe it is, and here's why. 

gold ingot

A 500 gram pure gold ingot by Johnson Matthey, London

Sold for £16,500


Historically, gold has been the embodiment of value and wealth. From ancient civilizations to modern economies, this lustrous metal has consistently held its allure. Now, more than ever, gold's enduring appeal is evident in its skyrocketing market value. Just last week, gold prices touched a record peak, marking an unprecedented surge in its value. Financial experts attribute this rise to a multitude of factors, ranging from geopolitical tensions to inflation fears. But for those possessing gold, be it in the form of jewellery, bars, coins, watches or antiques, this spells an unparalleled selling opportunity.


An early 19th century Swiss gold and enamel snuff box

An early 19th century Swiss gold and enamel snuff box

Sold for £9,400 



The auction world thrives on rarity and demand. With the current high demand for gold and its limited supply, sellers are in a position of power. We've observed a marked increase in bidders vying for gold items, be they ornate antique pistols with gold inlay, vintage gold jewellery, or rare gold coins. This heightened interest translates to competitive bidding, often resulting in sales that surpass expectations.


Moreover, with the unpredictability of global markets, there's no certainty about how long this gold rush will last. While some might be tempted to hold onto their gold assets anticipating even higher prices, the current scenario presents a sure-shot opportunity to maximize returns. Waiting in the hopes of a further increase might be a gamble.


hermes An 18ct yellow gold chaineHermes, Paris. An 18ct yellow gold chaine d'ancre necklace

Sold for £8,500


For those considering selling, now is the time to ensure that your gold items are appraised by reputable experts. At Dawsons, we pride ourselves on our meticulous evaluation process, ensuring that every item's history, provenance, and intrinsic value are thoroughly assessed. This not only guarantees that sellers receive the best possible return on their items but also provides buyers with the assurance of authenticity.


In conclusion, the present gold market conditions are a boon for potential sellers. As the age-old adage goes, "strike while the iron is hot." Or in this case, sell while the gold shines brightest!


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