Rolex vs Omega

Two giants of the watch world go head-to-head

In this comparison, the world's two most well-known Swiss watchmakers are matched against each other. Which do you consider to be the best? 


People frequently contact us for advice on whether to buy an Omega or a Rolex watch, and we are delighted to offer our considerable knowledge of both brands. This Omega vs Rolex comparison provides you with facts that will assist you in determining which brand is best suited to your requirements. 




The warranties on both manufacturers are rather remarkable. In the watch business, most timepieces come with a two-year guarantee from most companies. On the other hand, Omega and Rolex provide more extended warranties than the typical luxury watch brand. All Omega and Rolex watches come with a 5-year warranty. 

 A rare 1965 Omega Speedmaster 'Ed White'

Sold for £7,600


Resell value

What you may anticipate to get back for an expensive watch is something to think about before making a purchase. This is an area where Rolex outshines Omega and all other brands, for that matter. Rolex dominates the sector when it comes to resale value. They are, without a doubt, the watch brand with the highest resell value.

Omega isn't bad when it comes to average resale value. Although the most extraordinary Omega watch may have a more excellent average resale value than the poorest Rolex, the Rolex brand continues to dominate the pre-owned market, with its timepieces holding their value the best on average. They are also one of the most counterfeited brands. We imagine you have to take the good with the bad, right? So, when it comes to resale, is Rolex or Omega better? With no exclusions, Rolex is the top when it comes to average resale value.



 A Rolex DateJust 18ct yellow gold and diamond ladies automatic wristwatch

Sold for £7,600


Brand Recognition

According to Interbrand, a company that assesses the popularity and value of brands, the top Swiss brand Rolex, is the most well-known watch brand on the planet. They have 100% international brand awareness. Is Omega on par with Rolex in terms of prestige?

With a Rolex, you can expect to be noticed almost anywhere. Omega is a close second and the world's second most known watch brand, with a brand recall of closer to 70%, which may not seem like a significant difference but is still an incredible achievement for the Omega brand. With your Omega watch, you may anticipate turning 30% fewer heads.


 A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date

 Sold for £5,500



We know that both brands are well-known, but are Omega watches reliable in terms of precision? So, are Rolex timepieces reliable? Yes. Both are fantastic brands that aren't only focused on marketing.

What is the quality of Omega watches? What is the quality of Rolex watches? Both manufacturers have gone above and beyond what is considered sound watchmaking to produce very accurate watches that meet or exceed the highest standards.


 1982 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II

Sold for £25,000


Water resistance

Both of these watchmakers create outstanding diver's watches with exceptional water resistance and a screw-down crown to keep the mechanism out of the water.

The Omega Seamaster ProProf 1200m, which boasts a water resistance of 1,200 metres / 4,000 feet, is at the top of the waterproof food chain. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean and Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M, including a helium release valve, are two more diver watches from this company.


An Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Master Chronometer automatic wristwatch

Sold for £2,300


With its Rolex Deepsea series, which boasts water resistance up to 3,900 metres / 12,800 feet, Rolex appears to have gone the extra mile, or rather 2.7 kilometres.

Should you purchase a Rolex or an Omega? Both brands battle at every level of watchmaking, but Omega, as the underdog in terms of resale value and general brand appeal, put up a valiant fight.



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