Say it with diamonds

The December Fine Art, Antiques & Jewellery Auction is bursting with diamonds


Like fingerprints, no two diamonds are the same. 

At Dawsons, we appreciate the prestige and value that natural diamonds hold, which is why we often organise for our client’s diamonds to be certified through a vigorous external process. Two of the three exquisite stones that will feature in the sale, have been certified by our trusted partners, DeBeers, who carry over a century of experience in the diamond mining and trading industry.

The diamonds were unset and sent to DeBeers to be examined and assessed, undergoing advanced technological testing in line with RJC standards. The purpose of this is so that our buyers can buy with confidence, having been given all the necessary information required when making a big purchase. We understand that diamonds are expensive, which is why it is important that buyers have absolute certainty that what they are buying is exactly what it claims to be.  

Having been graded and certified, the diamonds were reset and returned to us for valuation. Our team of jewellery experts follow a strict practice when it comes to valuing diamonds, basing all estimates on carat weight, clarity, colour, and cut.

Buying a diamond is a little like buying a house in that there will nearly always be a compromise, and it is up to you to decide what those compromises will be. Natural diamonds are almost never perfect, but this is what makes each one unique and their features personal. All three of these diamonds have their strengths, whether it be carat weight, colour, or clarity, so it is up to you to decide which qualities you like most! 

An Art Deco style diamond cocktail ring

Estimate £30,000-£40,000

An Art Deco style diamond cocktail ring

This brilliant cut diamond is the biggest of the three, boasting a staggering 8.81ct. With a colour grade of UV, its grade is so low on the scoring that it is very nearly bordering on being classed as "fancy" in colour which would add even more to its value. For a stone this size, it has good clarity, with a grading of SI1. DeBeers have also graded the polish and symmetry of the cutting as very good, meaning this is a stone with lots of life.

The larger the diamond, the more likely it is that there are going to be some clarity issues which are formed by natural inclusions, and this diamond does have a few minor inclusions. The diagram in the certification pinpoints exactly where these inclusions are, displaying them as predominantly around the edge at the top of the stone, and down the sides. Although due to their location, it is unlikely you would be able to see the inclusions whilst you are wearing it.


A diamond solitaire ring

Estimate £30,000-£40,000

A diamond solitaire ring

The second stone is the more medium sized of the three, with a still highly impressive carat weight of 8.62ct. The clarity of this diamond is slightly better than the first, with a VS2 grading. There are very slight inclusions, and the colour is even closer to a yellow, graded YZ.

The diamond may be a smaller stone and have a slightly lower colour than the first, but it still maintains good polish and symmetry, and far better clarity, so in terms of quality the two do balance each other out. Both stones have been remounted and come with their full DeBeers certification that lists all the details from their analysis. The value of both diamonds has been informed by this information and has resulted in an auction estimate of £30,000-£40,000 each.


Round brilliant cut diamond

Estimate £32,000-£35,000


Round brilliant cut diamond

The last of these three extraordinary diamonds, is a round brilliant cut diamond that is set in a simple claw-set platinum mount. Although the smaller of the 3 stones, it is still by no means small, weighing in at 6.51ct.

The diamond comes with an AnchorCert gem report that our experts have confirmed the accuracy of having also graded the stone themselves. It has very good clarity, grade VS1, and is much closer to white than the other two diamonds, L colour grade. Another beautiful and very lively diamond, it has an estimated value of £32,000-£35,000.  


diamonds, diamonds & more diamonds

Nothing says Christmas quite like a diamond, take a look at some of the other beautiful pieces of diamond set jewellery that will be going under the hammer this month.

Van Cleef & Arpels - A floral spray brooch set with diamonds

Estimate £10,000-£15,000

A Victorian floral pendant brooch set with old-cut diamonds

Estimate £8,000-£12,000

An Edwardian old-cut diamond bar brooch in 9ct gold

Estimate £1,500-£2,000


Do you have any diamonds you are looking to sell?

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