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The Role of Chanel in the Pre-Owned Fashion Market


With concerns over sustainability, the fashion industry has come under fire in recent years for its contribution to carbon dioxide emissions, which have been estimated to be anywhere from 2 to 8 percent of all global emissions.

Indeed, a much maligned “throw away” society has been the biggest contributor to these concerning issues, more frequently purchasing new fashion and using it for less time, destined for incinerators or landfill which adds to an already fragile environment. Increased supply and demand have skyrocketed over the last few decades, resulting in a massive increase in production as well as waste. 

Chanel, the brand that revolutionised womenswear in the early 20th century, has recently taken strides to commit to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Here, we take a closer look at the role they play within the pre-owned market.


Chanel - a mini flap bag in green diamond-quilted lambskin leather, circa 2016

Sold for £1,700


Loved by many, from Jackie O to Diana, Princess of Wales, to Katie Holmes, Chanel bags are considered some of the most iconic fashion accessories out there, and with a new Chanel bag increasing nearly 71% RRP since pre-pandemic, it’s no surprise that the demand for pre-loved Chanel bags has been on the rise. Indeed, internet searches for “vintage Chanel bag” have doubled in the last year.

The stigma of buying pre-loved bags or fashion is a thing of the past. With growing awareness of environmental issues and the desire for more eco-friendly options, consumers have never been more concerned about reducing waste and their carbon footprint. Buying second-hand is always more sustainable, by purchasing something that already exists and has done for some time, you bypass carbon generated from production while promoting a more sustainable fashion industry.


Chanel - a jumbo XL single flap bag in black diamond-quilted lambskin leather, circa 1991

Sold for £2,800


Choosing to purchase pre-loved Chanel bags not only allows fashion enthusiasts to own iconic pieces at a reduced price, but also helps reduce carbon emissions associated with manufacturing new items. By opting for second-hand Chanel accessories, individuals can contribute to a greener future by supporting circular economy practices. Chanel handbags are notoriously expensive and difficult to obtain, which means owners tend to take good care of their investment, ensuring more often than not, that these bags are in great condition.

With wear that has softened the leather over time, shades of patina, and storied histories, there is something almost romantic about these pieces. Whilst today, buying a “vintage” Chanel bag is certainly considered an investment, it can also be seen as a definitive commitment to "green antiques." These timeless pieces not only hold their value, but often appreciate in worth, which adds an additional layer of sustainability as it encourages consumers to view luxury items as long-term investments rather than disposable fashion.


Chanel - an East West Chocolate Bar bag in baby pink lambskin leather

Sold for £1,000


As with any luxury item in demand, it is worth noting that there are many extraordinary counterfeits in circulation. We would always recommend that you purchase any pre-owned Chanel from a reputable establishment. Here at Dawsons our team of specialists are able to confirm authenticity, whilst we will also provide a certificate of guaranteeing authenticity, providing complete peace of mind to any prospective buyer.

Chanel's presence and popularity in the vintage market is indicative of a brand that continues to stand the test of time. Consumers are giving these bags a second chance at a new life, while contributing to an eco-friendlier fashion industry and easing their conscience.



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