The Most Desirable Jewellery in 2024

We take a closer look at which pieces and styles are predicted to increase in popularity


Trends and fashions change with each season, but antique and vintage jewellery persistently remain in vogue, reinforcing their timeless reputation. We take a closer look at which pieces and styles are predicted to increase in popularity throughout 2024.


The Golden Age

1970s and 1980s era jewellery is making a comeback, in a big way. Chunky, bold and statement pieces in the form of cuff bangles, oversized earrings, hoops, and choker necklaces are tipped to be the fastest growing trend heading into the New Year. Names like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Kutchinsky and Boucheron produced some of the best examples of these decades and are sure to be in demand.


A Kutchinsky enamelled and textured 18ct gold link braceletA Kutchinsky enamelled and textured 18ct gold link bracelet

Sold for £4,200



Art Deco Reigning Supreme

Representative of a movement of expression and freedom throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the styles and jewellery from this era are incredibly sought after. Asymmetrical designs, Egyptian inspiration, naturalistically modelled animals, and organic materials set with an array of contrasting-coloured gemstones and diamonds, they continue to dazzle enthusiasts around the world.  With statement rings, layering bracelets and necklaces as well as hair accessories all set to remain on the wish list of fashionistas across the globe, Art Deco jewellery will almost certainly increase in value and desirability heading into 2024.


A French Art Deco platinum and multi gem Egyptian revival pendant

Sold for £39,500 


The Gilded Age

During the Edwardian period, jewellery was largely reflective of a peaceful and delicate time, with floral and filigree pieces de rigueur. Today these lovely pieces attract a great deal of interest from collectors and remain a lucrative investment.



An Edwardian diamond, peridot and demantoid garnet necklace

Sold for £4,500


rare coloured gemstones

In September, Dawsons achieved £340,000 for a rare Cartier Kashmir Sapphire & Diamond floral brooch, validation that the market for rare coloured gemstones remains in favour. Indeed, Kashmir sapphires are celebrated for their exceptional quality and cornflower blue colour, making them one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world.


A spectacular Cartier Kashmir sapphire and diamond flower brooch

Sold for £340,000 



The Empire of Queen Victoria

Jewellery and fashion trends were heavily influenced by Queen Victoria during her reign. Earlier pieces of this period, celebrated romance and love using a variety of symbols and natural gemstones. Following the passing of Prince Albert, the Queen’s husband, mourning jewellery came into fashion, utilising jet, onyx, enamel, and natural pearls to create more sombre pieces representative of the shared loss felt throughout the country. Indeed, examples from this period are always coveted, with the market for natural pearls and surprisingly, cameos, predicted to gain in strength.

The market for natural diamonds is predicted to strengthen over coming months, therefore diamonds from any of these periods will endure increasing esteem. It is clear that 2024 is teasing to be a year of great prosperity for jewellery.


 A mid-Victorian natural saltwater pearl and rose cut diamond bracelet

Sold for £11,000


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