The Scottish artists you should know

Discovering the diverse and dynamic talent of Scotland's influential art scene


Scotland has a rich history of producing some of the most talented artists of all time. From the Renaissance period to contemporary art, Scotland has been a veritable breeding ground for creative minds.

In recent years, the popularity of Scottish artists at auctions has been steadily increasing, and within this article we have highlighted works by those artists who are among the most sought after.

This increased popularity has resulted in many collectors and investors turning their attention to Scottish artists, with the knock-on effect being that their work is even more highly prized in the art world, and as a consequence their value is continuing to rise.


Scottish artists to look out for at auction


Donald McIntyre

McIntyre is one of Scotland’s most distinguished contemporary artists. His artwork is characterised by his extraordinary ability to capture the beauty of Scotland's rugged landscapes. McIntyre's paintings are famous for their bold, expressive brushstrokes and intense use of colour. His artwork has been exhibited widely across Scotland and the UK, and he has won several awards for his contributions to the art world.



Donald McIntyre, RCA, (1925-2009), Early snow,

Sold at Dawsons for £9,800


Peter Howson

An accomplished figurative painter known for his powerful and emotive paintings, Howson’s artwork has a distinctive style that is influenced by his upbringing in the industrial heartlands of Glasgow. His work often depicts his experiences as a soldier in the Falklands War, along with his general observations of society. Howson’s artwork has been exhibited globally and is held in various private and public collections across the world.



Peter Howson (b.1958), Nijinsky

Sold at Lyon & Turnbull in 2022 for £10,000

Credit: Lyon & Turnbull


Elizabeth Blackadder

One of Scotland's most celebrated painters and printmakers, Blackadder’s work is distinguishable by its vibrant colours and striking imagery. Her artwork has been exhibited worldwide, and she has received numerous prestigious awards and accolades throughout her career. Her works can be found in several galleries, including the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Tate Gallery in London.


Dame Elizabeth Blackadder (1931-2021), Flower Studies

Sold at Tennants in 2021 for £18,000

Credit: Tennants


Craigie Aitchison

Aitchison was known for his stylised paintings of landscapes, animals, and figures. His work typically expresses itself with bold, vivid colours and simple, geometric forms. Aitchison's paintings are held in various public and private collections, including the Tate Gallery in London and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh



Craigie Aitchison (1926-2009), Nandi Bull in Front of Temple III

Sold at Sotheby's in 2021 for £138,600

Credit: Lot Search


Jack Vettriano

A self-taught artist, Vettriano was famous for his stylish, atmospheric paintings that evoke a sense of glamour and romanticism. A common feature across his work is the use of dramatic lighting and rich colour, often fashioning dark and mysterious themes. Vettriano's artwork has been exhibited globally, and his prints are popular among collectors worldwide.



Jack Vettriano (b.1951), Fish Teas

Sold at Lyon & Turnbull in 2021 for £100,000

Credit: Edinburgh Evening News


Peter Doig

Renowned for his haunting, atmospheric paintings of landscapes and figures, noteworthy traits of Doig’s work include his use of muted colours, layered compositions, and the application of thin washes of paint. Doig's artwork has been exhibited worldwide and is held in various public and private collections, including the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.



Peter Doig (b.1959), Swamped

Sold at Christie's New York in 2021 for £39,862,500

Credit: Christie's


Anne Redpath

Redpath was perhaps best known for her still-life paintings and landscapes that capture the beauty of everyday objects and scenes, using bright colours and loose brushwork. Her artwork has earned her several awards and accolades throughout her career, with her work being popular across the world and being exhibited globally.



Anne Redpath (1895-1965), Tulips and Lilies 

Sold at Lyon & Turnbull in 2021 for £75,000

Credit: Lyon & Turnbull



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