Where Do I Start when Downsizing?

A Step-by-Step Roadmap to a Smoother, Stress-Free Transition


Whether you are empty nesters and now looking to reduce living costs by moving into a smaller home, possibly you are considering moving into a retirement village, maybe you are contemplating assisted living options, or perhaps you are in the process of dealing with an estate, in every case downsizing can seem like a formidable task.





Never fear, we are here to offer you tips, support, and guidance.

1. A good place to start, is decluttering. Thoroughly sorting through all belongings before you start packing is key, a coloured sticker system can be invaluable. Sort items into categories such as “keep, sell or dispose”. Be ruthless and consider the cost of moving items – if you are not going to need, use or enjoy something, don’t waste money keeping it. If it is something sentimental that you simply cannot take with you for whatever reason, take a photo of it to have as a keepsake.

2. Make sure you consolidate all paperwork in the home, and sort through it carefully. You never know what you could come across, especially when clearing an estate property. If you are moving to a smaller property, sorting through larger items such as furniture and paintings to decide what you can realistically fit into your smaller home can make a huge difference. Removal of these items can make the home seem more spacious and attractive to potential buyers.




3. Tackle anything in storage, the loft, garage and shed – chances are that these items are no longer useful or surplus to needs, which will make disposing of them much easier. Approach one room at a time, this contains the area which you are organising and streamlines the process. Compile an inventory of items as you determine the essentials and sentimental pieces.

4. Think about items in a pragmatic way… Do you wear that vintage watch anymore, or really appreciate the style of those pieces of antique furniture? is that old oil painting going to suit the décor within your new home? Those same items may also require costly insurance and might in fact be worth selling instead of keeping. Often in a family home, there are items that have descended through generations or have appreciated in value without the owner’s knowledge. Indeed, when downsizing, it is not uncommon to discover a valuable piece of decorative art, a painting by an artist now in demand, an antique piece of jewellery or a rare medal.



5. At this stage, calling in the experts can prove invaluable. Superior auction houses, like Dawsons, provide a full in-house package, their friendly specialists can visit your home and assess the entire contents of the property with you. They will be able to advise which items are valuable and suitable for sale at auction, plus identify which items have no commercial value and will need to be recycled or disposed of. This key stage can provide access to additional and extremely valuable funds you didn’t know you had… especially if you are trying to raise funds to pay for care, medical fees, or for the renovation / redecorating your new home.

In short, following a methodical plan to carefully sort through house contents whilst consulting with expert Valuers, can make this daunting task far less intimidating and even liberating.


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If you are considering downsizing, or are simply decluttering, please do get in touch with us today to arrange a home visit.  We would be delighted to support you.

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