Where Do I Start with De-Cluttering My House

Some practical advice to help you deal with this process without getting overwhelmed


There is something calming and refreshing about a simply decorated and spacious home. You may have drawn inspiration from a home makeover show, perhaps you’ve just read one of Marie Kondo’s books, maybe a friend has recently redecorated, and you find yourself longing to do the same, there really is no time like the present to organise your home.

While it can feel like an impossible task, we’re here to offer some practical advice to help you deal with this process without getting overwhelmed.



Identify the problem areas in your home and make a list of them, in order of priority. Do a walk through your home making sure any obvious rubbish is removed. Start small, perhaps with a drawer or a cupboard, you will be able to see the progress you are making which will fuel your satisfaction and energise you to keep going. Sort through every item and allocate them into different boxes representing KEEP, DONATE/SELL, DISCARD and RELOCATE. Set yourself realistic time limits, slow and steady, Rome wasn’t built in a day – you can’t expect to sort through an entire lifetime of clutter in a matter of hours.

Create a designated space or home for items in the same category, so you will always know where to find them. Think about wrapping paper and cards, keeping them in one location will allow you to easily assess what you have and access it when you need it. Storage boxes and containers can be immensely helpful to keep items like these together.



Take pictures of each room before and after, this will further validate your accomplishments.

When sorting, consider what clutter actually is: anything that you are keeping that doesn’t add value to your life, needs to go. What you need versus what is taking up space. If you have any items that you were planning on passing down to someone, ask them if they really want the item – and be prepared for them to say no. Then you can look at selling or donating the item.

Tackling the wardrobes can be challenging, take this opportunity to finally get rid of clothing that either doesn’t fit or you don’t wear. Turn all the coat hangers the opposite way around, and then in the following months put the clothes away normally, and through this process you will more easily be able to identify any further clothing that you don’t need.



Make sure the items that have been chosen for removal are disposed, donated, or sold as quickly as possible, otherwise you might notice them finding their way back into your life.

If believe that you may have valuable art, antiques, jewellery, or collectables within your home that you do not want to keep, we would always recommend appointing an expert Valuer to provide accurate valuations for those possessions. Dawsons have a team of experienced specialists who can help you to identify all items of value. Indeed, you may be pleasantly surprised at what those items could achieve at auction.



A good declutter means you have less to clean and organise, and therefore less stress. If you simply cannot fathom the task on your own, there are professional organisers out there who would be able to help. Studies have proven that clutter in the home can affect your life negatively, so take this moment to reset your space and take control of your life.


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