Where to Sell Antique Silver

Selling your antique silver with Dawsons


Dawsons is one of the most dependable places to sell silver. We provide various opportunities to sell at live and online auctions throughout the year, such as our Jewellery, Silver and Watches auctions in London and Berkshire, which often feature silver jewellery, tea sets, tureens and candlesticks, among various other silver items.

Our experts have decades of experience and will accurately value your antique silver upon valuation. You can even have this from the comfort of your own home when you submit photographs to our online valuation service. Our auctions feature all types of silver, such as modern and antique American; English; European; Chinese Export; Spanish Colonial; or Judaic silver. So, whether you have inherited a Gorham silver punch bowl or are looking to sell your Georgian silver candelabra, Dawsons are happy to help you identify, evaluate, and sell your silver.

It matters not if you want to sell a single, distinctive silver piece or an entire collection of silver antiques, simply submit photographs and information about your silver using our simple online estimate form, and get started with a free auction estimate. Our team of experts will analyse your request and provide preliminary figures for items that may be included in one of our sales. 


A collection of silver and white metal

A collection of silver and white metal pieces. Sold at Dawsons for £240.


What are silver hallmarks, and how can I recognise them?

A useful tool to determine information about your silver are its hallmarks. They normally appear as small, stamped symbols on the rear or underside of a silver item, and can be used to identify its purity, the site and year of manufacture, and its the creator. In England, there are hallmarks that date from as early as the late 16th century, but hallmarks are a form of consumer protection service that have been used across many nations and manufacturers throughout history.


Whilst hallmarks are a useful tool to work things out about your silver, you must be careful, as hallmarks are sometimes put onto counterfeit products to make them seem more genuine. The professionals at Dawsons can identify genuine from counterfeit hallmarks on your silver, so please do attach comprehensive images of any markings with your submission to ensure your item is in fact genuine.


A George III silver cow creamer

A George III silver cow creamer. Sold at Dawsons for £3,200.


How can I transport my silver to Dawsons to be sold? 

All antiques sold in our live or online auctions are carefully secured at Dawsons. At the same time, our professionals catalogue the pieces and collectors, and purchasers can view their prospective acquisitions during the consignment period. Our professionals will give logistical help and advice once they have presented you with an estimate and a selling suggestion for your antique silver.


What is the cost of a Dawsons appraisal of my antique silver? 

Our valuations are complimentary, costing you absolutely nothing. We analyse all submissions and if we feel we can sell your item, we will provide a price estimate.


If you’ve made it this far, you clearly have an interest in selling your silver, so why not view some of the previous silver lots that have gone through the Dawsons auction house? Enjoy browsing through items that are bursting with history and enchanting stories to share.



How to tell if antique silver is real

How do I identify antique silver?

Is antique silver a good investment?


The expert team of Valuers at Dawsons would be happy to help you identify your antique silver. Please do get in touch should you have any queries, or maybe you have a piece of silver you would like to have valued.

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