Why the auction world will be so important in 2023

Now is the perfect time to buy and sell at auction


As we move into a new year, we look to make positive changes in our everyday lives, whether they be financial, environmental, or personal. There are lots of benefits to buying at auction, and here we have highlighted a few reasons why the auction world could be an important part of the changes we make in 2023.




Auctions provide solid investment opportunities

The idea of investment can be intimidating to many, and is often associated with being overly complicated and difficult to manage without assistance from a third party. However, investing your money doesn’t have to be stressful. Buying antiques and collectables at auction is a simple, low risk way to invest, and instead of endless spreadsheets of numbers, your investment is tangible, in the form of beautiful antiques, artwork or jewellery.

As we will continue to battle inflation in the coming years, one of the biggest benefits of investing in art, antiques, and jewellery, is that they tend to generate good returns because they are not directly impacted by inflation. The volatility of global economics and politics do not influence their value because it is their quality, rarity, condition, and provenance that determines their worth. Even during times of recession, antiques and collectables maintain or increase in value.




Auction houses are the original recyclers

We recycle glass bottles and cardboard, so why shouldn’t we recycle fine art, antiques and jewellery too?

We live in a world where fast fashion and furniture are consumed ravenously, and whilst cost-friendly goods that arrive on your doorstep the very next day are undoubtedly convenient, we have perhaps forgotten the benefits of spending a little bit extra on quality goods that will last. 

Fast furniture is one of the main contributors to deforestation and one of the leading causes of climate change. Typically made from cheap materials of poor quality, they often only last for just a short period before they have to be thrown away and replaced. The amount of waste this creates, combined with the fact that cheap materials are generally not the most sustainable, has meant that our consumer habits have become extremely harmful to the planet.



By comparison, goods made before the days of mass-production, were built to stand the test of time. Often made by hand using durable materials and far more energy-efficient processes, manufacturers had a considerably smaller carbon footprint than they do today.

Auctions are the original home of sustainable shopping, and they offer everything from antique furniture to designer clothes and accessories. The idea of quality over quantity flows through the heart of the auction world and buying with Dawsons allows you to access a wide selection of quality items, that will last and look beautiful in your home. Therefore, with the effects of climate change looming large and the added pressure of a cost of living crisis, now is the perfect time to buy quality, long-lasting goods at auction.




Auctions are a fair and transparent way to buy and sell items

Selling online has become an easy and convenient way of recycling pre-owned goods, however, as it grows rapidly in popularity, it is important that we understand that online marketplaces don’t always equate to value for money.

Through calculating an item’s value based on similar online trending prices, items can easily end up being priced and sold at values that don’t reflect their true worth, leaving buyers and sellers in a vulnerable position. These artificial prices are typically based on the expectations of sellers, who often lack understanding of the factors that affect an item's market value, or the experience and professional expertise needed to correctly describe and value an item.  

By contrast, auctions provide a transparent and secure way to buy and sell items. At Dawsons, all estimates are based on specialist knowledge and research, as well as past auction results that provide accurate indicators as to what buyers are willing to pay for certain items at a given time.



When buying through online marketplaces, it can be difficult to be certain of what you are buying until it has arrived at your door. However, at Dawsons we provide digital catalogues with high resolution images of each item, and hold viewing days prior to sale, giving buyers the opportunity to preview any items of interest before they commit to bid.

The expert team at Dawsons can also provide condition reports upon request, to ensure absolute transparency for our clients.

Bidding takes place on an even and inclusive playing field, starting below an item’s estimated value and increasing in set increments in accordance with buyer interest. And so, whilst buying at auction is by no means a cheap alternative, it ensures sellers are confident that a fair price has been reached, and gives buyers the confidence that the price paid is not only fair but also realistic.


Do you have any fine art, antiques or jewellery you are looking to sell?

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