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Dating back to the Bronze Ages, brooches have adorned attire with ornamental beauty and practical utility. From the late 1700s' open flower brooches to Victorian-era cameo designs, brooches have evolved with changing trends while retaining their timeless appeal. Even in contemporary times, brooches remain a symbol of sophistication and style.


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Dawsons is the ideal place to sell exquisite brooches, where every piece is treated as a masterpiece of artistry and elegance. Whether you own a vintage cameo, an Art Deco jewel, or a contemporary designer pin, our bespoke marketing approach will ensure your brooch stands out in a global marketplace.


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Uncover the true worth of your antique brooch with Dawsons. From Victorian intricacy to Edwardian elegance, we specialise in presenting your historical treasures to an audience that values and understands their unique beauty and heritage. Trust us to expertly navigate the market and achieve the highest value for your cherished piece.


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At Dawsons we recognise the unique allure and prestige of high-end brooches, and our dedicated approach connects these exquisite pieces with a global audience of luxury collectors and enthusiasts. With extensive industry experience, our team of experts employs strategic marketing and deep knowledge of the luxury market to ensure your branded brooch receives the attention and competitive bids it deserves.


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