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Are you the custodian of a captivating necklace, wishing to unveil its true value? Perhaps it's a cherished heirloom, whispering stories of the past. Or maybe a once-loved piece, now languishing in your jewellery box. 

At Dawsons, our qualified experts are passionate about appraising necklaces, from antique diamond rivières to vintage Art Deco pendants and coveted designer creations. Unlock the potential of your precious piece. Submit a valuation request today and discover what your necklace's story is truly worth.


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Do you have an antique necklace you may be looking to sell?

Sell your antique necklace with confidence. We specialise in showcasing period pieces to discerning collectors across the globe, ensuring your necklace commands the highest price when sold at auction with Dawsons. 


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From the iconic Cartier elegance to the modern mastery of Bvlgari, Dawsons' in-house marketing to a global audience of millions, will ensure that your luxury brand necklace reaches buyers willing to invest in its esteemed brand heritage and superior craftsmanship.


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