Donald Hamilton Fraser Art
donald hamilton fraser

Donald Hamilton Fraser (English, 1929-2009) was educated at the Maidenhead Grammar School, Berkshire before attending the Saint Martin's School of Art alongside contemporaries such as Frank Auerbach, Sandra Blow, Sheila Fell, Leon Kossoff, Jack Smith, and Joe Tilson. It is his abstract landscape paintings that Fraser is most celebrated for, with his style often compared to that of Nicolas de Staël. His paintings were characterised by his thick layering of bright paints with a palette knife in order to produce a dream-like collage effect. 

Fraser once said, “An artist doesn't really choose what sort of pictures he paints. He paints what is there inside him. It is a sort of imperative."

Between 1953 and 1971 Fraser had 9 exhibitions at Gimpel Filts in 1967, at the Zurich-based Gimpel-Hanover Galerie, and another 11 exhibitions between 1958 and 1978 at the well known New York Paul Rosenberg gallery. 


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