Are Antique Silver Spoons Worth Anything?

Selling your old Silver Spoons is now easier than ever


Silver is a flexible and adaptable metal with various standards and class levels. This has made it suitable for a wide range of uses, meaning there are now many utilitarian artefacts such as silver spoons and other antiques that date back several centuries.


Old silver spoons often fetch high prices for a variety of reasons. For example. collectors might want a set of silver spoons for their monetary value, while designers might want them for their aesthetic value.


Of course, if one antique silver spoon is considerably larger than another, it might be fair to assume that, because the buyer will be purchasing more silver, the larger spoon will be more valuable. However, that is not always the case. If a spoon is particularly intricate and beautiful, then it is fair to assume that the item can be worth more money.


A set of twelve George III silver dessert spoons

A set of 12 George III silver dessert spoons. Sold at Dawsons for £280.


Other reasons silver spoons can have value are as follows:


History: An antique spoon, like any antique, conveys a tale. Some derive from historic naval ships, while others may have belonged to famous families. For many buyers, this might make them intriguing archive pieces with a distinct past.

Heritage and gifts: A silver pair of spoons could make an excellent gift for a special occasion such as a wedding (and a 25th anniversary is known as the ‘silver’ anniversary). They are not only ornate and attractive, but they also retain their worth. This is an important aspect of the attraction of spoons for both buyers and sellers.

Functionality: Not only is a silver spoon practical in and of itself, but many people feel it improves the flavour of food. Silver also has inherent anti-microbial qualities, making it safer to use. Therefore, unlike other antiques that you may invest in, your purchase could actually have a functional value in your day-to-day life.


Silver has a lengthy history of usage and a high level of prestige, making it a valuable item. Aside from the monetary worth of the metal, silver spoons have undeniably enticing qualities for customers of all types. As a result, you can be certain that your antique spoons will fetch a respectable price.


How We Value and Buy Your Silver

As with any valuation, it is important that your appraisal comes from a skilled and knowledgeable professional. We are pleased to provide an authoritative appraisal because of our years of expertise in this field.  

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Silver berry serving spoons

A pair of silver berry serving spoons. Sold at Dawsons for £120.


Security and privacy 

Items of great worth – either monetary or otherwise – are very precious. Therefore, when you're ready to sell, we provide a private assessment service with no commitments in the comfort of your own home. This allows you and us plenty of space and time to inspect your antique silver spoons without interruption.


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