Are antiques out of style?

How the antiquities sector has adapted to significant changes in market conditions.


You would struggle to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic, many businesses have faced hardship whilst some have excelled. Thankfully, the auction industry has seen a huge uplift in online spending, and those auction houses that were not already established have adapted their online presence accordingly.

Here at Dawsons, buyers can find unique and one-of-a-kind items at the touch of a button. We are more invested than ever in growing our online-only auctions, whilst striving to create a virtual environment where bidders can examine and view items before purchasing them.

As Dawsons’ MD, Aubrey Dawson explains… “Live video valuations over WhatsApp and FaceTime are now commonplace when before they were almost unheard of, not to mention countless Zoom calls. Whilst live online bidding has been popular for quite some time, our auctions are now solely online and we are all the better for it.”

A Virtual Jewellery Valuation


A change in trends

In 2021 we saw a transition away from minimalism towards mixing of styles and ages, old versus new, allowing buyers to achieve personalised eclectic décor full of character and uniqueness offering a contemporary but comfortable feel. How we use our homes has massively evolved creating the need for multifunctional spaces, as well as a sense of retreat.


A mid-century rosewood sideboard, designed by Robert Heritage for Archie Shine

Sold at Dawsons for £1,200


Social media has been instrumental in attracting a wider demographic of buyers, from the Gen X, Millennials to the Gen Z. As these younger generations discover that antiques offer a way to individualise their homes whilst also being sustainable, we have seen a renewed interest to invest in items that have meaning and that can be enjoyed in the home, whilst incorporating modern convenience.


A 'Tiffany Studios New York' seven-lamp glass 'Lily' table lamp

Sold  for £3,200


What's next?

As we head into 2022, we can’t help but feel optimistic. Not only have auctions thrived in the face of a global pandemic, but the country's enthusiasm for antiques has been reignited by a renewed focus on our homes and the comfort that nostalgic pieces provide. As for the challenges ahead, we look forward to embracing change and feel very confident about the future of the antique trade.


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