Asian Art featured within August’s Fine Art & Antiques auction

Here are some of the Asian Art Highlights from the day...

On the 26th of August, Dawsons held a wonderful Fine Art, Antiques & Asian Art sale


A favourite amongst the exquisite items within the Asian Art sale was a 19th century Chinese famille verte vase and cover, with auspicious symbols on the neck and shoulder, above four shaped panels containing dragons amongst clouds and panels of peony and chrysanthemums. 

A Chinese famille verte vase and cover

 A Chinese famille verte vase and cover. Sold for £1,000.


A rare and intriguing find. This Chinese Canton ivory sewing box, Qing, mid 19th century, is carved with figures, buildings, pine, and willow trees. The interior with a removable tray fitted with open and lidded compartments and numerous assorted sewing accessories.

Chinese Canton ivory sewing box

 Chinese Canton ivory sewing box. Sold for £4,000.


Lot 267 was a wonderful pair of Chinese Wucai vases and covers. You can see from the image below that it is painted with females watching over children playing in a garden setting, with rockwork and banana leaves. 

Pair of Chinese Wucai vases and covers

 Pair of Chinese Wucai vases and covers. Sold for £2,700.

This interesting Chinese kesi embroidered dragon panel dates back to the 19th century. Mongst many interesting images, it shows a gilt thread dragon chasing a flaming pearl surrounded by gilt Ji symbols, bats carrying a music stone, a scroll and a halberd, above further symbols. Including a conch shell, eternal knot and flaming pearl, with rockwork, spuming waves and a band of ruyi heads and diagonal bands, within a banded border with ruyi, waves and rocks.

Chinese kesi embroidered dragon panel 

 Chinese kesi embroidered dragon panel. Sold for £1,200.


A second ivory favourite of the day was this Japanese ivory dressing table set from the Meiji period. A dressing table box, three brushes, a comb, button hook, hand mirror, cylindrical pot and cover, glove stretchers, and a shoehorn, each discreetly carved with fish swimming in shallow seas.

Japanese ivory dressing table set

 Japanese ivory dressing table set. Sold for £950.


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