Chanel vs Louis Vuitton

A showdown between two of the most prominent fashion houses in the world


Chanel and Louis Vuitton are two of the most prominent fashion houses in the world. Both have a rich history originating in France producing luxury handbags, luggage, and fashion in iconic designs which continue to command a huge presence in the grandeur market.


Chanel was founded in 1910 by Gabrielle Coco Chanel, and she originally took the market by storm with her innovative “ready to wear” fashion for women. Her vision traded items such as corsets and petticoats for a far more comfortable and functional wardrobe, in colours of black, grey, and navy which had traditionally been used in men’s clothing. It wasn’t until the 1920s that the Chanel 2.55 handbag was introduced, the legendary design featured a quilted pattern and chain strap which are symbolic of the brand today.

Chanel - A double flap classic handbagA Chanel double flap classic handbag

Sold for £4,100


Louis Vuitton founded his luxury luggage and trunk firm in 1854, where he earned his place in history with the revolutionary stackable flat-top trunk; lightweight and waterproof featuring an unpickable spring buckle lock, still used today. They introduced the now world-famous LV monogrammed canvas in 1896 which is synonymous with the brand.

While both brands have an affluent history, they continue to have huge global appeal for very different reasons. Chanel symbolises traditional and sophisticated, while Louis Vuitton has collaborated with several artists over the years to produce a luxury streetwear aesthetic.

Louis Vuitton Trunk

 An early 20th century Louis Vuitton trunk, the lid with a brass plaque inscribed 'Princess Victoria of Schleswig Holstein'

Sold for £8,000


Materials, Durability & Usability

Chanel often uses premium materials such as calfskin or lambskin, as well as caviar leather and tweed for their bags, which ensures that they remain soft and supple for years to come. It is worth noting that some of these materials are more susceptible to scratches and should be handled with care. The quilted pattern is a signature element of many Chanel bags, and helps the bag keep its’ shape, they often feature the instantly recognisable iconic interlocking CC logo. Inside, they focus on simplicity and space, so additional accessories are sometimes needed to keep things organised.

Louis Vuitton offers a variety of high-quality materials other than the monogram/ebene/azur canvas, including Epi leather, Vernis leather, Taiga leather and many more. Popular for their hardwearing properties and craftsmanship, they stand up well against daily wear. The canvas used is coated to resist water and scratches, offering additional protection. They have a much wider range than Chanel, varying from classic, to bold and avant-garde, this affords them the ability to cater to more tastes. Louis Vuitton bags also traditionally offer a wide range of compartments and storage areas within the bag, making them an excellent travel or day-to-day bag.

Although both brands offer repair services for their bags, Chanel’s offerings are more limited when comparing to Louis Vuitton.



Louis Vuitton - Ellipse MM bag


Louis Vuitton - Ellipse MM bag

Sold for £320


Pricing & Value

Louis Vuitton bags carry a premium price tag but are considerably more affordable than Chanel. A Chanel bag at retail can demand almost six times the price of a similar offering from Louis Vuitton, which makes LV appeal to a wider audience. Both iconic brands will hold their value in the resale market, but if you consider that Chanel increases their already hefty price tags quite steeply at least twice a year, the value retained will appear greater for a Chanel.

Both luxury brands are a worthwhile investment, and both will appeal to their audience for different reasons, the timeless sophistication and simplicity of a Chanel bag versus the more durable elegance of a Louis Vuitton, either way – you can’t go wrong.

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