Dawsons Auctioneers to Host Exclusive Entertainment Memorabilia Sale

A unique opportunity for individuals to showcase their prized possessions


Dawsons is thrilled to announce our upcoming specialist Entertainment Memorabilia Timed Sale, scheduled to run from Thursday 13th June to Monday 24th June. The sale promises to be a haven for collectors and enthusiasts, offering an extraordinary array of rare and iconic memorabilia from the realms of film, music, and television.


Rolling Stones poster

An early 1960s Rolling Stones Promotional Poster

Sold for £30,000


As a premier destination for fine collectables, Dawsons are inviting further consignments for the sale. With a focus on curating a diverse collection, we welcome entries encompassing a wide spectrum of genres, including but not limited to, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Star Wars, James Bond, Doctor Who, and many more.


an autograph book signed by the beatlesan early 1960s autograph book signed by The Beatles

Sold for £3,800


This exclusive timed event presents a unique opportunity for individuals to showcase their prized possessions and for collectors to acquire sought-after pieces from their favourite entertainment franchises. Whether you possess a piece of cinematic history, a rare vinyl record, or an iconic prop from a beloved television series, we encourage you to reach out and share your treasures with us.


Star Wars memorabilia

Star Wars: a rare collection of original period memorabilia

Sold for £7,500


"We are excited to present this exceptional opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike to indulge in their passion for entertainment memorabilia," said Peter Mason, Auctioneer & Valuer at Dawsons. "Our aim is to curate a selection that reflects the richness and diversity of popular culture, and we look forward to consigning additional entries for the sale."


A large and varied archive of film and television interestA large and varied archive of film and television interest

Sold for £7,500


For those interested in consigning items to the Entertainment Memorabilia Timed Sale, our experts would be delighted to provide confidential sales advice. Dawsons’ innovative in-house marketing direct to buyers all over the world, across multiple social media platforms ensures reaches collectors and enthusiasts wherever they reside, ensuring we achieve the best price for you at auction.


Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to take part in the Entertainment Memorabilia Sale - The closing date for entries is Monday 3rd June.


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