Dawsons launch brand partnership with 55/Redefined

Redefining age together

Dawsons have been awarded Best Partner status by 55/Redefined


Dawsons are delighted to have been awarded Best Partner status by the new online membership organisation 55/Redefined. As part of our fantastic partnership, Dawsons will be the exclusive Auctioneer & Valuer for 55/Redefined members.


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55/Redefined is on online member organisation determined to change the prevailing negative mindset around growing older and empower people to truly enjoy their lives; brand values which Dawsons can wholeheartedly endorse as we strive together to create more access to finance for customers over the age of 55.




Dawsons are here to help you make your dreams a reality whether it is buying your dream watch, furnishing your home or optimising cash from assets you no longer need.  Whatever you want to achieve, we believe you shouldn’t put off making it happen – the time is now. Dawsons have partnered with 55/Redefined who truly celebrate the opportunity of mid-life, and share our ethos of embracing your potential at every life stage. We hope you enjoy the video below: 'Dance Like Everyone's Watching' starring Ben Miller which inspires us all to take that next step, as Ben says in the film ‘now is your time to walk in the sun!’



Of the new partnership, Aubrey Dawson, Managing Director of Dawsons Auctioneers said:

"As a a fine art and antiques auction house committed to challenging the status quo and keeping our clients at the centre of thinking, the partnership with 55/Redefined represents what we're all about.

We agree with the ambitions of 55/Redefined, and together want to help change the prevailing negative mindset around growing older and empower people to truly enjoy what we believe should be the best part of their lives. As Best Partner we will be able to support the 55/Redefined member base and share valuable insights into the world of auctions, fine art, luxury jewelley, and antiques."




55/Redefined is a digital, data-backed membership business curating high quality products and services for consumers who want more - flexible jobs; legal and financial know-how; new lifestyle choices.

Join now at 55redefined.com


Aubrey Dawson

Aubrey Dawson

Aubrey has over 20 years’ experience as an Auctioneer & Valuer under his belt and is our resident watch expert (he loves them). You may have been fortunate enough to have seen Aubrey in action on TV, as he was a regular on several BBC programmes over the years (including Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow).

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