How Much Are My Antiques Worth?

Have you got something incredibly valuable in your home?


There is a genuine skill required when determining the value of antiques and collectables. Valuing an antique involves extensive research and often a fair amount of patience when you are looking to sell that item. One can never expect to sell an antique or collectable for a precise value.


At any particular time, the real worth of an antique or collectable is negotiated between a buyer and seller. In auction bidding, the buyer determines the exact amount they are willing to pay for a seller's items. Whilst an expert Valuer is required when acquiring a written evaluation for insurance or inheritance purposes, as you gain experience in antique buying and selling, it is possible for you to pick up a number of the skills that those Valuers have gleaned over many years experience.


How professionals value antiques

As tricky as valuing antiques and collectables might be, Valuers are carrying out this task every day of the week, often by comparing them to items with similarities including; the period, style or condition of the item. Finding multiple recorded sales and auction results for the kind of item you're looking to buy or sell provides a more accurate assessment of value - auction results are often the best resource for this. 



Where to begin your valuation quest online 

Whilst internet pricing guides can be a useful tool to get a rough estimate for how much you should be looking to sell or buy an antique or collectable for, it is important to note that many such guides reflect the value when a specific item is sold, rather than an average selling price. It is not uncommon for markets to fluctuate, and an internet-provided 'market value' could actually be far greater or less than your antique's real value - meaning you could accidentally sell it for far less money than it is worth.

Creating your own reference library of relevant books can often prove a useful exercise, especially if you are looking to build a collection of specific items. However, it is important to remember that books should only be used as a guide to market trends, rather than as an accurate way to estimate the monetary value of an item.

A far more realistic way to have your antique or collectable valued is via an expert Valuer. 

Should you be looking to sell an antique or collectable at auction, Dawsons offer free Valuation Services, that can be massively helpful when it comes to determining your item's value.  

Simply request a valuation from Dawsons' team of specialists and we will be delighted to provide you with a complimentary valuation and further details of how to sell with us.  Safe collection of your possessions can then be organised - by courier for smaller items or by van for larger consignments. Your items will then be marketed to a huge global audience of prospective buyers (in order to achieve the best price for you), before being sold at one of our online auctions - we have at least two specialist sales every month. 


Live video valuations

Dawsons strive to ensure that consigning your items to auction is as simple as possible for you. Live Video Valuations allow you to watch and engage with our experts, while receiving a real-time valuation from the privacy of your own home.

Video Call  

Simply contact us to set up an appointment on your favourite video platform; we frequently use WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom, and Skype amongst others. At the agreed-upon time, one of our specialist Valuers will video call, and our experts will then be able to view your items and discuss them in more detail with you - all from the comfort of your living room.


Dawsons' home visits

We are happy to provide complimentary home visits for bigger collections and to evaluate an entire house's contents. One of our expert Valuers will spend as much time as needed at the property with you, creating an inventory of all saleable items, as well as providing auction estimates. Our specialist will also be able to advise on what happens next, inclusive of; collection, logistics, and the actual auction sale process itself.



Auction Estimates Explained

Auction vs Private Sale

Antiques for Beginners


The expert team of Valuers at Dawsons would be happy to help should you have any antiques or collectables that you are keen to have valued with a view to selling them at auction.

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