How to Sell Music Memorabilia

The story behind each piece of memorabilia is what evokes nostalgia and excitement


Music has played a key role throughout our history within society and cultures, but it wasn’t until after World War II ended and the vinyl record was introduced that the market boomed. Jazz music had dominated throughout the war and in the years that followed until the era of Rock and Roll emerged in the late 1940s.

Hailed as the largest and most unparalleled contribution to the music industry, it originated from styles such as boogie-woogie, jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel, and country music. Frenzied fans became obsessed with obtaining souvenirs and mementos relating to their favourite music; everything from autographs, album covers, ticket stubs, posters, instruments, handwritten items including lyrics, photographs, flyers, awards, and personal items suddenly became collectible. With each generation the popularity of music memorabilia continues to grow, which has resulted in the global market we have today.


Rolling Stones poster

The Rolling Stones: an original early 1960s promotional concert poster, from the Ricky Tick R&B club night sold for £30,000.


The story behind each piece of memorabilia is what evokes nostalgia and excitement, the rarer the better. Consider a Rolling Stones concert poster for the Ricky Tick which Dawsons sold for £30,000, or the guitar played by Kurt Cobain in Nirvana’s last performance which sold for nearly £5 million pounds on auction, or the guitar that Jimi Hendrix set on fire achieving over £200k. It is the memories associated with musical icons that drive the demand, therefore there is no simplified guide or directory to assist in valuing these collectors’ pieces. Indeed, if an item has never been to market, it could be one of a kind and incredibly rare.


The Beatles Autograph Book

The Beatles: an early 1960s autograph book

Sold for £3,800


There are several ways to sell music memorabilia, from sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, through to dedicated online stores, dealers, or specialist auctions. The historical significance, rarity and reason for sale will ultimately determine the most suitable avenue. An influx of forgeries throughout the industry has put the integrity of this hobby at stake, consequently provenance has become a vital element of value, and serious collectors, enthusiasts and investors are more often than not only dealing with reputable authorities and not individuals.


A 'Midas' guitar amplifier, from the collection of Vivian Stanshall, founding member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

A 'Midas' guitar amplifier, from the collection of Vivian Stanshall, founding member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Sold for £1,200


Here at Dawsons we pride ourselves on our expert valuers, who ensure items are authenticated, accurately priced, and well described. In-house dynamic marketing will then notify a huge global audience of discerning collectors in order to achieve the highest possible price for clients.

Popular artists include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Queen, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Elvis, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Pink Floyd, The Who, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison and many more.

Rock and Pop memorabilia is very popular among collectors and is a good starting sector for those who are interested in collecting or investing.


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