Silver grabs headlines within Dawsons' Jewellery, Watches & Silver auction

Silver again proves a popular purchase...

Dawsons were delighted to achieve some exceptional results for our clients.


The team here at Dawsons were delighted with the results achieved at our last Jewellery, Watches & Silver auction, held on 11th March.

Silver again proved incredibly popular among the bidders and successful buyers who partook in our online sale, and we wanted to shine the spotlight on this highly sought after commodity. Over the centuries, Silversmiths, skilled craftsmen and jewellery designers have utilised silver metal because of its many advantages. Silver is highly malleable, has a long lifespan, and it has unrivalled beauty. Indeed, silverware, silver objets d'art, silver jewellery can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. It’s extremley difficlut for items made of sterling silver to degrade in quality.

A pair of mid 18th century Irish silver soup tureens, Sold £10,500

Our specialists were thrilled to offer a number of beautiful examples of silver amongst the recent auction Lots, including a beautiful pair of mid-18th century Irish soup tureens (above). Not surprisingly, these wonderful examples of silverware attracted some serious bids online and via the telephone. After a period of bidding and counter-bidding, these splendind tureens were eventually sold for £10,500.

A George IV silver salver, Sold £800

This rather lovely George IV silver salver (above) also proved popular amongst the many bidders. This silver salver was created in London 1820 by Joseph Angell II, featuring a piecrust border with alternating shell and mask motifs, engraved armorial crest to the centre within a foliate border and on three hoof feet.

A Victorian silver 'castle-top' card case, Sold £2,300

This rather beautiful Victorian silver 'castle top' card case, by Nathaniel Mills (above) was an extremely popular item and the centre of much bidding. This wonderful Lot features a relief decoration to one side depicting Wrexham Church, and contained a handwritten note within giving potential date and church details.

A set of ten Queen Elizabeth II, Silver Jubilee, cast silver "Queen's Beasts" teaspoons, Sold £320

Lot 589 included a set of ten Queen Elizabeth II, Silver Jubilee, cast silver "Queen's Beasts" teaspoons. These lovely teaspoons were created in Birmingham 1977 by Toye, Kenning & Spencer. This Lot also included three silver handled button hooks and needlework scissors, a silver cigarette case two anointing spoons, a boxed "Concorde" port, and brandy decanter labels, and a yellow metal filigree work pocket notebook.


The team of experts at Dawsons are always happy to provide a free verbal appraisal and auction valuation; regularly consigning an array of wonderful items to our monthly dedicated jewellery, watches and silver sale. We can also provide insurance valuations, where required.

Please do get in touch, should you have jewellery, watches, or indeed silver that you are keen to have valued. We would love to hear from you.

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Jenny Knott

Jenny Knott

For Jenny, finding that surprise item within a sale has always been an exciting aspect of working within the auction world. Jewellery, Watches & Silver have developed into a real passion for Jenny over the years, and she loves the fact that there is always more to learn.

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