Terry Mathews' sculpture being sold to raise funds for Vision Foundation

Dawsons are privileged to be able to help

Terry Mathews' sculpture is a wonderful depiction of a camel herder, and will feature within our Fine Art & Antiques Auction on 24th June 2021.


Dawsons Auctioneers are delighted to be in a position to provide our help to Terry and Vision Foundation (who provide help and support to blind and partially sighted people across London) in their quest... We can confirm that 100% of the hammer price in respect of this wonderful sculpture will be going to Vision Foundation, and will help them in their efforts to raise much needed funds.  

A little bit about Terry...

Terry is 90 and lives in Kenya. He grew up in Uganda, and developed a great love for the natural world, spending his early adult life running safaris. When he was in his late 30s, a shooting accident left him blind in one eye and unable to continue the job he loved. To support his family, Terry turned to his other great passion, sculpture. Terry’s work has featured in over thirty exhibitions including the American Museum of Natural History (New York) and the Moorland Gallery London (now the Rountree Tryon Galleries). 


He spent several years living in Greenwich, London, but as his vision began to deteriorate further, Terry moved back to Kenya to be with his grown-up children. Now, registered severely sight impaired, Terry spends his time sculpting the animals that mean so much to him from memory.

Terry says: “When you can see, you don’t appreciate what you can’t. When my vision faded, I realised I’m lucky… my sons are there (to give me) support… I often think about people who don’t have that help and I realise I’m one of the lucky ones.


I’ve always liked other people to touch my work. Other sculptors get upset and say the oil on your hands spoils the piece, but I think that when somebody puts their hand on a piece of sculpture, it’s making them connect with the work. Sculpture is such a tactile thing and now that I can’t see at all, it helps me.”


The Vision Foundation is so grateful to Terry for donating his beautiful Camel Herder sculpture. All proceeds from the sale will help London's Sight Loss charity make a difference for blind and partially sighted people in our communities. Together we can change lives and save sight.


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