The Top 10 Pieces of Jewellery Sold in 2023

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It’s been another fantastic year here at Dawsons, with some amazing discoveries and stories. While there have been so many outstanding results, it is with great pleasure that we share our top 10 pieces of jewellery sold in 2023.


A spectacular Cartier Kashmir sapphire and diamond flower brooch:

This extraordinary brooch was passed down to our client by their late mother and having cherished the lovely item for many years, they decided it was time to sell... Cartier pieces from this era are incredibly popular amongst collectors. Due to the particularly superior quality and colour of the sapphire within this brooch, our team obtained a laboratory certificate. Much to the surprise of the client the sapphire was identified as Kashmir, with no indications of heat treatment. These exceptional types of sapphires were only mined for six years in India before the mines became depleted, making them very rare indeed, and highly sought after by enthusiasts around the world. Dawsons in-house bespoke marketing now kicked into gear and ensured that every known potential buyer across the globe was alerted and given the opportunity to bid at auction for a chance to own this wonderful Cartier piece. Potential suitors flew in from all over the world to view the brooch in person, and needless to say this incredibly rare slice of luxury attracted numerous bids on auction day, eventually achieving a phenomenal final hammer price of £340,000!




A large diamond solitaire ring:

This stunning ring featured a marquise-cut diamond of approximately 7.09ct, accompanied by a De Beers diamond grading report. The team at Dawsons work closely with De Beers, and reports offer added confidence to potential buyers. We stream all of our sales live across the world via 8 online bidding platforms to an audience of millions, in order to ensure that we achieve the best possible price at auction for our client… After fervent international bidding this gorgeous diamond ring eventually sold for £37,000.


A large diamond solitaire ring


A large diamond solitaire ring

Sold for £37,000



The Qatar state collar of Independence:

This “Necklace of Freedom” was awarded to foreign heads of state by Shaikh Khalifa bin Hamad, upon Qatar gaining independence in 1978. An example was gifted to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England and can be seen, worn on several state visits, including most recently in 2010 on a visit to the United Kingdom from Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. After much interest from interested parties, this example went on to achieve £40,000 in our August sale.


The Qatar state collar of Independence

The Qatar state collar of Independence

Sold for £40,000



An important late Victorian diamond garland necklace:

Fascinatingly, this beautiful necklace had been passed down through generations of the same family, all the way back to the person it was originally made for in the late 19th century. Set with a grand total of approximately 19cts of diamonds, the family have a wonderful portrait of the original owner proudly wearing the necklace in all its splendour, and they were absolutely delighted when it sold for £38,000 in our June auction.


An important late Victorian diamond garland necklaceAn important late Victorian diamond garland necklace

Sold for £38,000



An Early 20th-century pearl and diamond pendant necklace:

Contained in a fitted and tooled leather case, this necklace featured a detachable cluster pendant, symbolic of the versatility of Victorian and Edwardian jewellery. After Dawsons bespoke international marketing had reached out to known potential buyers, the competition to own this lovely piece was incredibly strong… Indeed, smashing original expectations, the necklace went on to achieve a final hammer price of £35,000 in April. 



An Early 20th-century pearl and diamond pendant necklace

Sold for £35,000


A sapphire and diamond trilogy ring:

The trilogy ring was brought along to a Dawsons Valuation Day, which provide our customers with the opportunity to meet with one of our expert Valuers in person, learn more about their valuables, and also be furnished with sales advice. The owner had inherited the ring and had no idea of its’ value, believing the central gemstone to be tanzanite. One of our team of qualified Jewellery Specialists confirmed it to be a natural colour-change sapphire, for which we obtained a laboratory certificate. The client was uncertain about selling at auction; however, once they were advised of the bespoke marketing and worldwide exposure that Dawsons provide, they were reassured that we would be able to achieve the best price for them at auction. The ring certainly generated a lot of interest from buyers across the globe and went on to sell in our June auction for £21,000.


A sapphire and diamond trilogy ring

A sapphire and diamond trilogy ring

Sold for £21,000


A diamond ring:

Centred with a radiant cut diamond weighing 5.06ct and signed Ansuini, this impressive ring went under the hammer in March, and was popular with would-be suitors across the globe, and after a flurry of bids, it eventually sold for £26,500.


A single stone radiant cut 5.06ct I-VS1 diamond ring

A single stone radiant cut 5.06ct I-VS1 diamond ring

Sold for £26,500 



A Post-Medieval intaglio ring:

Found in a field in Somerset by a metal detectorist, who had agreed a 50/50 split with the landowner, our client (the metal detectorist) discovered Dawsons online and was keen to obtain one of three independent valuations. Due to the historical significance and value of the ring, three valuations were required in order to adhere to the Treasure Act. Indeed, the significance of the ring meant that the British Museum advised our client that they would be delighted for the ring to be donated to the museum; however, the Museum decided not to purchase it. Thereafter, our client was keen to achieve the highest price for the ring and was convinced Dawsons was the best place to sell their find. As ever, our team were delighted to help, and the ring proved to be popular with bidders, eventually selling for £14,000.


A Post-Medieval intaglio ring


A Post-Medieval intaglio ring

Sold for £14,000


Interchangeable baton cufflinks set:

This was certainly a lovely discovery for the discerning and fashionable gentleman about town! Simply a joy to market across a receptive international audience, who provided an extremely strong showing across the bidding on auction day. Made by Cartier, this complete set in 18ct gold went on to achieve a sale price of £11,000 in April.



Cartier - interchangeable baton cufflinks set in 18ct gold

Cartier - interchangeable baton cufflinks set in 18ct gold

Sold for £11,000



An Early-19th century chrysoberyl parure:

Given as a wedding gift by celebrity scientist Sir Humphrey Davy, inventor of the Davy lamp, to his wife, British heiress and socialite Jane Kerr in 1812, it had been in the same family for over 200 years and had never previously been seen to the market since it was made. The parure was estimated at £4,000 - £6,000 and after enthusiastic bidding went on to sell for £12,000.


An Early 19th century chrysoberyl parure

An Early-19th century chrysoberyl parure

Sold for £12,000


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