Where to Sell Antiques

When it comes to selling your prized antiques, there are several avenues to consider


There are specialist dealers who will have an interest in purchasing antique furniture, decorative art, and Asian art from you directly. Jewellers will purchase silver, jewellery, and watches, while galleries may well have an interest in buying paintings and sculptures from you. Indeed, there are many dealers that you could approach, but we highly recommend doing your homework to ensure you are dealing with someone reputable. We would also recommend that you liaise with an expert valuer to ensure you are getting the best deal.


Marcel Bouraine (1886 - 1948) 'Dancer with fan'

Marcel Bouraine (1886 - 1948) 'Dancer with fan'

Sold for £2,200


Whilst this type of sale offers a relatively quick turnaround, it is worth noting that the amount you receive for your valuables could be significantly lower than the market value, owing to the fact that dealers will have their own overheads and costs to cover when they take on your items… In effect, a dealer will be looking to purchase your antique(s) for the least amount possible, so that they can make the best possible margin for themselves when they sell the item(s) themselves at a later date.

Pawnbrokers will also provide a very quick turnaround sale, but they too will have their own costs to consider, so this can affect the amount they are prepared to offer.


A George II giltwood and gesso occasional table

A George II giltwood and gesso occasional table

Sold for £17,500


There are online platforms such as eBay or Facebook where items can be sold. As the seller, you will be responsible for researching each item and providing accurate descriptions and photographs. A lack of expert knowledge makes vendors vulnerable to scamming as well as possible recourse for incorrect information. If you incorrectly list an item, the buyer could potentially request a refund, or worse, if the buyer is a scammer, they could swap the original authentic item with a fake and return it, leaving you out of pocket. While the majority of buyers are genuine and honest, we don’t recommend selling antiques or other extremely valuable items through this method due to the risky nature of the transactions.


A Victorian garnet and rose-cut diamond bracelet and necklace suite

A Victorian garnet and rose-cut diamond bracelet and necklace suite

Sold for £4,200


Auctioning your possessions via a reputable auction house offers the easiest and most competitive way to sell. Here at Dawsons our team of experts have a wealth of knowledge with centuries of combined experience. Essentially, we are working for you, and we will provide a complimentary auction valuation, whilst our services include collection, storage, research, professional photography, and bespoke in-house marketing to a huge global audience of prospective buyers. Our aim is to achieve the best possible price for you at auction.

Dawsons provide a quick turnaround for our clients. We hold Fine Art & Antiques and Jewellery, Watches & Silver auctions every month. This means that you can sell your antiques for the best price quickly and receive monies within 30 days of a sale taking place.



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