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Some would say that you can't get any more brand recognition from a watch brand than Omega. So, if you are considering purchasing or selling an Omega watch at auction, continue reading to find out more about this historically significant brand. 

An interesting fact about Omega, is that the Omega Speedmaster, “The Moon Watch”, was the first watch to be worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin on July 21st 1969. The manual wind watch was being tested by NASA for use in space. It was the only watch to pass their extreme testing, and remains the only watch that NASA certifies for space walks. During the catastrophic Apollo 13 mission, the Speedmaster was instrumental in assisting the crew with a time-critical engine burn that allowed them to safely return back to Earth.

Louis Brandt founded Omega in 1848 La Chaux-de-Fonds, for the assembly of watches. His sons took over the business when he passed away in 1879 and subsequently developed their first mass produced calibre, as well as the first minute-repeating timepiece. The development of the calibre was revolutionary for production, with all the parts interchangeable. By the turn of the century, Omega was producing roughly 100,000 watches a year, this is also when they became active in sports event timing. In 1932 they were appointed official timekeeper for the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

The twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet, "omega," represents the culmination of a skill. Acquired by Swatch Group in 1985, Omega remains renowned for their affordability, reliability, performance and style. By purchasing an Omega you are buying into one of the most recognised and historical brands in horology.


How much is my Omega worth?

The condition is one of the most influential aspects when ascertaining worth, the brand will not mean much if your watch is in poor condition. The better the condition, the more likely the value will be higher. The material used in your watch can have a significant impact on how it will wear over time. For example, a metal bracelet strap will not show wear as significantly as a leather strap.

How the watch is cared for will also influence the condition, whether it will be worn daily, or kept for special occasions, if the owner removes it before performing heavy manual tasks that could scratch or damage the watch. Missing components or damage will immediately devalue your watch, in some instances, even a minor scratch can affect the value. During valuation, the physical and functional condition is graded, and this will determine a price point. Patina refers to a watch’s natural ageing process, and many collectors believe it adds character. The materials used will also play a role in valuation, a solid 18ct gold example will be far more expensive to produce than a stainless-steel variation.

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Factors Affecting Your Omega Valuation

There are more elements to consider concerning the valuation you are attempting to produce unless your watch is in new condition. The following are the key factors that might reduce value:

Model number

Another factor that influences your Omega's value is the make and model number. The Omega Speedmaster model, reference number 145.022, which was produced from the late 1960s through to the 1980s, still hold their value well. Omega Speedmaster 105.012 and 145.012 models are rare, due to their historical importance being part of the Apollo 11 mission. The Snoopy Collection (originally created to commemorate the Apollo 13 mission) has become highly collectable and as such, has seen an increase in value over time.

Limited-Edition or discontinued models will also be worth more. Because they are no longer in production, the demand will outweigh the supply, and this will only strengthen over time. This is when the model number comes into play and will determine the rarity and relative demand accordingly. At the end of the day, your watch is only worth what the market is prepared to pay.

It is worth noting, that keeping hold of the original boxes, paperwork, guarantees, etc, can also positively affect the future value of your watch.


Market price

There's one additional item to keep in mind while attempting to estimate the worth of a pre-owned OMEGA watch. The market eventually determines its worth. The market's willingness to pay defines its worth. The watch's market value might change according to a variety of circumstances, most notably supply and demand.

If you wish to sell your OMEGA watch, you can take advantage of our free valuation service. Request an auction estimate from our team of experts - if your item is appropriate for auction, we will offer you with a valuation and more information on how to sell with us. We may then arrange for the safe pickup of your belongings - by courier for smaller items or by van for bigger consignments - and sell them at auction on your behalf.

Looking after your Omega watch

Cleaning your watch does not have to be difficult, but it is essential to take particular care with the more delicate watches. Get a tiny toothbrush, such as a travel brush and some hot soapy water, and gently scrub the watch. Brush the watch carefully to clean around any sections that may be difficult to reach with a cloth.


After you've finished, dry with a nice, clean towel; Microfibre cloths or small glasses cloths can also be helpful for drying. This method ensures that the metals on your watch are not treated harshly.


Preventing damage

When you're not wearing your Omega watch, store it in a safe and secure case. It may be tempting to put your watch in a basic box or on top of a desk. However, when you have invested so much in your Omega watch, it is worth finding the best way to keep it secure from anything that might reduce the watch's value. Even though Omega watches are shock resistant, a harsh knock should not render the watch irreparable.


Here are a few preventative care strategies you should do to keep your Omega watch in the finest condition possible:

  • Be cautious about chemical exposure. Chemical exposure (for example, if you deal with cleaning chemicals) will corrode metals and discolour most materials.
  • Learn about the waterproof rating of your watch. If you don't know your rating and take your watch deeper than it can go, you'll permanently ruin it.
  • Store your watch with care. Instead of placing it lightly on your nightstand before going to bed, set it on some material or the box it came in.
  • Look up your warranty information. Keep your warranty in mind if something happens to your watch. Omega offers a hefty 5-year warranty.


What products should you use when cleaning your Omega watch?

When cleaning your Omega watch, avoid using strong chemicals such as detergents, solvents, or fragrances, as these might cause harm to the watch.

As previously said, all your watch need for cleaning is some warm soapy water. The best choice for this is to use natural soap products containing few chemicals.



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