EXPERT PROBATE VALUERS for art, antiques & jewellery

Professional Services for Solicitors

We offer a complete Probate Chattels Valuation Service for solicitors and executors. From our offices in London and Berkshire, our team of probate valuation specialists work across the UK carrying out valuations for art, antiques, jewellery and collectables.

Our complete and seamless service, takes care of every stage of the process for our clients. From producing an HMRC compliant probate valuation, to the sale at auction of any suitable items, to house clearance – we are here to help.


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Probate valuation

One of our trusted team of probate specialists will visit your client's property and produce an HMRC compliant valuation report of the property contents, itemising all chattels with a value of £500 or more. Our valuers can also help identify bequests and will indicate anything that might be suitable for sale at auction with Dawsons.

Sale at auction

All saleable items are collected and transported to our saleroom in Berkshire, ready to be catalogued, marketed, and sold at auction. Dawsons bespoke in-house marketing approach will ensure items are presented to known buyers in over 120 countries across the world, which guarantees the maximum return for the estate.

House clearance

Once all of the saleable items have been taken to auction, our clearance team will get to work clearing and removing the remaining contents (items with no commercial value) from the property, recycling or donating to charity where possible, and leaving it empty and ready for sale.


Lawrence bright

Commercial Partnerships Manager



We are delighted to introduce you to Lawrence Bright our Commercial Partnerships Manager


With over a two decades of industry experience, Lawrence’s background is firmly rooted in the auction world and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Dawsons already deliver valuable support services to many solicitors, and Lawrence is our main point of contact for any probate related enquiries.

If he hasn’t already, he may well be in touch very soon to introduce himself and the probate support services Dawsons can provide for you and your clients.


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