Sandra Blow Art
Sandra Blow

Sandra Blow (English, 1925-2009) was a painter who specialised in abstract and is considered to be one of the pioneers of the British abstract art movement of the 1950s. Her influences include Nicolas Carone,  whose approach to colour and space inspired herown characteristically large and colourful collages; and Alberto Burri, who was developing his own abstract style and techniques at the same time she was. The pair began a friendship and subsequently travelled around taly in 1948 together, critiquing and influencing each other's work.

Blow's work was exhibited across Europe throughout her lifetime. Some of the most prestigious exhibitions include the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Gallery, Venice Biennale 1958, Guggenheim International Award 1960 (in which she won), Liverpool John Moores University exhibition 1961, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. 


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