Does Boucheron Hold its Value? 

"Like paintings, signed pieces of jewellery always carry greater value."


As a renowned French luxury jewellery and watch brand, Boucheron is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative bold designs. Founded in 1858, the design house of Boucheron stands alongside the likes of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany & Co. both in legacy and in quality. When it comes to the resale value of Boucheron pieces, there is no question as to whether the item holds its value, but rather how well its value will appreciate.

"Like paintings, signed pieces of jewellery always carry greater value." – Alain Boucheron.

Boucheron - a diamond-set starfish ring

Sold for £2,000


Boucheron's rich heritage and prestigious reputation contribute significantly to the brand's ability to hold its value over time. As one of the most formidable jewellers in the late 19th and 20th century, pieces from Boucheron are highly prized. While examples from the brand's iconic collections, such as the Serpent Bohème and Quatre lines, are highly sought-after on the pre-loved market, vintage and antique pieces from this atelier are becoming increasingly scarce and therefore incredibly desirable, achieving eye-watering sums when they come to market. Just like Cartier, Boucheron has been recollecting these older pieces with the intention of selling to private collectors or exhibiting, making them even more difficult to obtain.

Alain Boucheron once told of going to auction to buy back an old family piece which had sentimental value, the price went to $125,000…"I could have duplicated the piece, exactly, in my workshop for less than $50,000," he said… This example of value clearly highlights the huge demand amongst lovers of Boucheron jewellery across the globe.


A diamond set Boucheron high jewellery lady's wristwatch

Sold for £8,000


The quality of materials and meticulous attention to detail in Boucheron's production process also play a role in preserving the value of its jewellery and watches. Boucheron was celebrated for their innovative sculpturing of metals in varying forms, as well as sourcing outstanding gemstones; antique examples featuring revived techniques such as plique-à-jour enamelling are incredibly valuable, especially if the fragile transparent decoration is in good order.

Boucheron supplied jewels to royalty, high society, and aristocracy, therefore the provenance of a piece could also significantly contribute to the value. One of Boucheron’s largest commissions was 149 pieces of jewellery for the Maharaj of Patiala, and what remains of this collection has disappeared into museums and personal collections, with many pieces still unknown and yet to be discovered.

A French hair pin set with small rose-cut diamonds by Boucheron

Sold for £1,000


Ultimately the most notable factors that will crucially affect the value of a Boucheron piece are the age and condition. Properly cared for, Boucheron items will undoubtably hold, if not appreciate in value over time, and as older pieces become rarer, so their value will increase. Like any luxury purchase, the resale value of Boucheron pieces can be influenced by market trends, as well as the specific model or design. Working with a reputable auction house like Dawsons can help ensure a fair price when selling a pre-loved Boucheron item.

Boucheron's reputation for excellence, craftsmanship, and timelessness makes it a brand that tends to hold its value well in the secondary market, making it a sound long term investment for discerning collectors and jewellery enthusiasts.


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