Does Cartier Jewellery Hold its Value

Cartier has established itself as a global luxury brand to the rich and famous


Whether you’re considering investing in a piece of Cartier jewellery or selling items you no longer wear, you’ve probably been asking yourself "does Cartier jewellery hold its value?"

Since being founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François, Cartier has established itself as a global luxury brand to the rich, famous, and most notably, to royalty. The journey wasn’t easy, fraught with several economic crises and World Wars, it took three generations of the family and many cautious and carefully considered decisions to create the brand we know and admire today. Indeed, it was Alfred, Louis’ son (1819–1904), who committed his life to the family business whilst tutoring and mentoring his three sons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques, to take Cartier into the future. Indeed, each brother possessed a different individual talent, which together would catapult the firm to great success. In an age when travel was incredibly slow and time consuming, Cartier was able to establish its name and reputation by strategically placing each of the sons at different branches to ensure they ran smoothly. Opening the New York branch in America had been a very wise decision ensuring longevity and transforming them from a small Parisian Jewellers into a global name.



An Art Deco diamond bracelet with articulated geometric panel links

Sold for £32,000 


It was King Edward VIII who requested Cartier consider opening an outpost in London, he also commissioned the creation of twenty-seven tiaras for his coronation and famously declared them to be the “Jeweller of King, King of Jewellers”. Cartier were subsequently awarded the British Royal warrant and went on to create pieces for royals from Portugal, Greece, Egypt, Romania, Monaco and many more nations. Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna was one of Cartier’s best clients, to the extent that her collection impressed her nephew, Tsar Nicholas II, so profoundly that in 1907 he appointed Cartier ‘Jeweller to the Imperial Court in St. Petersburg’.


A Cartier Elephant Ring

Sold for £5,400


Cartier has produced show stopping pieces for film stars, influencers, and business tycoons throughout their history. The family was always acutely aware of how relationships and associations could make or break the brand, and they made it their mission to ensure anyone who entered a Cartier store was always treated with the utmost respect and discretion. These values helped them to become one of the finest jewellery houses in the world.

Intimately involved with cinema, Cartier have had pieces feature in films throughout the 20th century from The Son of the Sheik in 1926, to The Great Gatsby in 1974, to Ocean’s 8 in 2018. Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Angelina Jolie, and Anne Hathaway are just a few celebrities who have appeared adorning Cartier pieces on the red carpet. This sustained relationship has ensured a continued association with affluence fuelling interest, popularity, and demand for the exclusive brand.


Cartier - An 18ct white gold and diamond 'Love' bangle

Sold for £4,200


In 1964, the last of the three brothers, Pierre, passed away, which resulted in the three branches being sold in 1972 (Paris), 1974 (London), and 1976 (New York).

The Cartier Love bracelets made their debut in 1979 boasting a modest price tag of £200, today they are priced between £3,850 and £53,500, reflecting the influence of the fluctuating gold price but also the value of the brand. Cartier has always sourced the best quality gemstones and materials, so as the value of precious metals and gems continues to rise, Cartier pieces follow suit.

Cartier’s prestigious reputation for creating exceptionally well-crafted high-end quality jewellery and watches has resulted in vintage and modern pieces retaining value better than your average luxury brand, and often increasing in value over time. Renowned for the calibre of materials they use and the craftsmanship they produce, the Cartier brand remains immensely popular to this day, as well as holding its value.


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