How to Tell if a Piaget Watch is Real

Helping you determine the probability of a Piaget timepiece being authentic


“Always do better than necessary” - George-Edouard Piaget (Founder of Piaget in 1874)

When it comes to luxury watches, Piaget features alongside the biggest names in the industry. With a long and prestigious history, this Swiss watchmaker is renowned for their exceptional quality, elegance, and craftsmanship, considered one of the best slimline watchmakers around, their timepieces are highly sought after.


A Lady’s Piaget 18k yellow gold wristwatch

Sold for £5,000


Sadly, as is the case with many luxury brands, the market is contaminated with counterfeit imitations. Piaget themselves state that only a Piaget specialist or reputable auction house can verify the authenticity of their watches. We’ve put together some tips to help you determine the probability of a Piaget timepiece being authentic. 


Hallmarks and Engravings

Genuine Piaget watches will feature several engraved markings that help verify their authenticity. This includes the Piaget logo, the model name, the serial number, the metal, and the Swiss Made inscription. Carefully inspect these details to ensure they are properly aligned and of high quality. Visit the Piaget website and compare the coat of arms with great caution, pay close attention to the letter P, the two crosses, the three fleur-de-lis and the bird, fake examples often have noticeable differences. Google the reference number to see if similar models come up in the results.


Movement and Mechanism

Piaget is revered for their outstanding in-house movements. A real Piaget watch will have a smooth, precise, and silent mechanism that operates flawlessly. When winding the crown back and forth, the hands should move seamlessly, if they move too quickly or jump at all, this indicates a cheap movement and likely a counterfeit.


A Piaget lady's diamond set wristwatch

Sold for £2,200


If the watch features a date, examine the convex lens placed over the date window, known as the cyclops, closely. It magnifies the date by exactly 2.5 times and is incredibly difficult for forgers to replicate.


Case and Bracelet Quality

The case and bracelet of a genuine Piaget watch will be crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The materials should be of the highest quality, with no visible flaws or imperfections. Piaget only use solid metal such as gold and stainless steel, gold plating or base metals would indicate an imposter. The clasp should also operate smoothly and securely.


Packaging and Documentation

Authentic Piaget watches originally come with comprehensive packaging and documentation, including a warranty card, instruction manual, and authenticity certificate. If these items are present, check to ensure that the details match the watch you're inspecting.




A Piaget lady's diamond set dress watch

Sold for £2,000


A seemingly obvious red flag would be price. Piaget watches don’t come cheap, so if the cost seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Known for their unique designs, each Piaget watch is essentially a work of art. By keeping these key factors in mind, it is possible to identify an imitation Piaget watch and make an informed purchasing decision. However, when it comes to luxury timepieces, we would always advise to err on the side of caution, and where possible, seek the advice of a respected watch dealer or expert watch valuer within a reputable auction house.


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