Is a Sapphire Ring Worth Anything?

Sapphires have been used in jewellery for centuries


Derived from the Greek word for blue and designated as the birthstone for September, sapphires have been used in jewellery for centuries. Belonging to the corundum species of gemstones alongside ruby, sapphires are commonly identified as blue, however they can appear in a variety of colours.

An item of jewellery containing a sapphire can be a valuable investment, with some of the most prized sapphires having been sold for millions of pounds… Indeed, the highest sale price achieved to date was The Blue Belle of Asia which sold in 2014 for $17.5 million (£13.7 million)!

A sapphire and diamond trilogy ring

Sold for £21,000


A sapphire’s worth depends on many factors, some of which we have highlighted within this article…

The setting, materials, and craftsmanship of an item of jewellery containing a sapphire will be the initial consideration. Jewellery created by famous designers will ultimately be more attractive to enthusiasts, while certain styles are more in demand than others. Modern simple designs will undoubtably hold a modest value when compared to a large antique sapphire and diamond dress ring. Where a sapphire is the most prominent feature of a piece of jewellery, the following characteristics will affect the value:

The greatest influence on the worth of a sapphire is the colour. Stones that are not blue are termed fancy sapphires, except for red, which will be a ruby. Colours range from pink, orange and yellow to green, purple, black and colourless. The intensity, vividness and evenness of colour saturation will be directly proportional to desirability. Blue sapphires that are medium to dark toned velvety blue to violetish blue are the most prized. Indeed, the extremely rare mix of pink and orange variety, known as padparadscha, is highly sought after and astonishingly collectible.


A sapphire and diamond cluster ring set with a fine cornflower blue

Sold for £12,500


Large quality sapphires are rare, typically the bigger the stone the greater the value. The overall cut, polish and finish of the stone will all factor into an appraisal of a sapphire ring. Inclusions typically devalue gemstones, especially if they threaten the stones durability. There are however exceptions when it comes to these imperfections, for example, many Kashmir sapphires contain tiny inclusions that scatter the light to give them a velvety appearance owing to their allure, and star sapphires feature tiny needle like inclusions that culminate to reflect light producing a star effect known as asterism.

Discovered and mined in locations throughout the world. The most desirable and valuable sapphires come from Kashmir and Burma. The Indian deposit of Kashmir is believed to be depleted and was only mined for six years in the 19th century; hence they are extremely rare. 

Synthetic sapphires have been produced for over 100 years, these man-made stones have the same chemical make up as their natural counterparts, but their value is significantly lower. Indeed, the only exception is in vintage jewellery; synthetic sapphires were often used in Art Deco jewellery due to the supply issues faced during the war.


A Ceylon sapphire single stone ring

Sold for £8,000


Sapphires can be treated with heat or fracture filling to improve their colour, clarity, and lustre. The way a sapphire is enhanced can directly affect its overall value. Only a qualified gemmologist or gemstone laboratory can determine if a sapphire has been subject to treatment.

While these factors all contribute to the monetary value of a sapphire ring, the exact worth is best determined by a professional gemmologist or jewellery appraiser, who can assess any unique characteristics and provide an accurate assessment. They will also have extensive knowledge of the current market and popular trends. Indeed, here at Dawsons, we have an expert team of gemmologically qualified valuers who would be delighted to provide expert valuation and sales advice should you have an item of jewellery containing a sapphire.


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