What Does a House Clearance Involve?

A reputable auction house may unearth hidden treasures


Whether you are dealing with an estate, decluttering, organising an end of tenancy clearance, or a loved one has been moved into care, a house clearance is usually required to prepare the property for sale or leave in good order for a landlord. It requires the clearing and removing of some, or all, of the contents from a property and disposing of them in an appropriate manner. Whilst if the contents are subject to probate, then a valuation will be required based on HMRC guidelines before any removal or sale of the possessions.



If you believe that the property in question has art, antique furniture, ceramics, glass, and collectables within, sorting through that property for house clearance requires extreme care. In our experience, we would certainly recommend employing the services of a trusted auction house to oversee and manage the clearance, as this is often where valuables can be damaged or mistaken for rubbish and lost forever by being thrown out.

It is worth noting that a house clearance supervised and managed by a reputable auction house is very different from an ordinary house clearance. A house clearance company will attend a property with the singular purpose of removing everything and disposing of it, they will often break or damage pieces so that they can fit more volume into their removal vehicles, which can be upsetting and potentially lead to the loss of valuable possessions.




Whilst an internet search can shed some light on art & antiques you believe have a monetary value; we would always recommend enlisting the support of an expert valuer. Appointing specialists from a reputable auction house to manage and oversee a house clearance can be highly beneficial, and in our experience often uncovers hidden value amongst items that you may have overlooked and might otherwise have been lost, alongside delivering accurate market valuations on those items you believe have a value.



The highly experienced team at Dawsons regularly manage and oversee house clearances and would be delighted to assist you in accurately assessing the value of any art, antiques, and collectables, whilst also helping you to discover any potential hidden value amongst other possessions.

On request our friendly specialists can visit at your convenience to assess all the contents, offer expert advice, and supervise the complete clearance of the property. Whilst, if you are dealing with a probate, Dawsons are also specialists in providing detailed and compliant valuation reports that can be submitted directly to HMRC.


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