How Much is a John Piper Painting Worth?

John Piper’s works are highly sought after by art collectors and enthusiasts


The esteemed Modern British artist John Piper displayed exceptional versatility throughout his illustrious career. Alongside his paintings and prints he also produced a number of designs for tapestry, stained-glass windows, theatre sets, book jackets, fabrics, and ceramics. His earliest works were deeply rooted in abstraction which would transform and evolve throughout the years into his own distinctive naturalistic style.


John Piper CH (1903-1992) ‘Appleton’ (watercolour and mixed)

sold for £5,500 


Born in Surrey in 1903, he spent five years at the family law firm before pursuing an art career. Studying at the Richmond School of Art and then the Royal College of Art, he achieved notable recognition as an artist in the mid-1930s for his abstract works. As the end of the decade approached, he focused on landscapes and architecture in a move towards naturalism. A defining point in his career was when he was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee during World War II to record scenes depicting the devastating effects of the war. These powerful images of bomb-stricken churches and monuments were so captivating that one of his works which focused on the bombed interior of Coventry Cathedral was reproduced on a postcard, solidifying Piper as a household name throughout Britain.

Renowned for his landscape paintings and architectural studies, John Piper’s works are highly sought after by art collectors and enthusiasts. The value of a John Piper painting can vary significantly depending on several factors, including; size, medium, subject matter, technical execution and the painting's provenance or history.


John Piper (1903 - 1992) St Mary the Virgin Church

Sold for £13,000 


On average, a John Piper painting can range anywhere from £10,000 to £100,000 or more at auction. Paintings that depict famous landmarks or architectural subjects tend to fall within this scope, while his wartime creations can occasionally exceed this. Smaller, less significant works may sell for lower prices, while his larger, more iconic pieces can fetch much higher sums.

His abstract works are relatively rare in the market, intensifying their appeal and consequently commanding higher prices. In 2013 Piper’s abstract work Painting (1935) achieved £482,500 and in 2020 another of his abstract works Forms On A White Ground (1935) went under the hammer for £371,250, alluding to the appreciating value of Piper's works and the appeal of his abstract creations. For those looking to enter this market at a lower price point, his prints offer an affordable alternative.


John Piper Facade

John Piper CH (1903-1992) ‘Façade’

Sold for £1,800


It's important to note that the art market is constantly fluctuating, and the value of any painting can be influenced by the current demand, the artist's reputation, and the overall condition of the work. Here at Dawsons, we would always advise consulting with an expert valuer, who will provide a more accurate assessment of the exact worth of a specific John Piper painting.


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