Is it a Good Time to Sell Diamonds?

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Deciding whether to sell diamonds can be influenced by various factors, including the current market conditions, as well as economic and political climates. When determining whether it is a good time to sell diamonds, it is important to carefully consider these factors.


A large diamond solitaire ring

A large diamond solitaire ring, featuring a marquise-cut diamond of 7.09ct

Sold for £37,000


The luxury goods market continues to grow year on year, with diamonds increasing steadily in value by approximately 33% in the last 8 years. The diamond market is affected by supply and demand dynamics, as well as fluctuations in the global economy. Additionally, economic factors such as inflation rates, interest rates, and consumer spending patterns can influence the demand for luxury goods like diamonds. Natural diamonds are finite resources, and their availability can impact their value. Indeed, the lab-grown diamond market may have temporarily distressed the demand for natural stones, however the oversupply of man-made diamonds appears to have reached its apex and prices are now declining.


A rare 11.03ct diamond three-stone Kutchinsky's ring

A rare 11.03ct diamond three-stone Kutchinsky's ring

Sold for £51,000


Political influences also play a role in the diamond market. Changes in government policies or regulations related to diamond mining or trade can impact supply chains and prices. It is important to stay informed about any political developments that may affect the diamond industry. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, several international leaders issued sanctions against them in an effort to restrict resources. In the USA, President Biden banned the import of Russian diamonds, while diamond moguls Signet went one step further banning Russian precious metals and diamonds. The mining company, Alrosa, that operated major diamond mines within Russia ended up closing down in the USA. In direct response to these sanctions, there was a surge in buying of rough diamonds leading De Beers to further increase prices.


A diamond solitaire ring, featuring a light yellow round brilliant-cut diamond of 8.62ct

A diamond solitaire ring, featuring a light yellow round brilliant-cut diamond of 8.62ct

Sold for £41,000


Most notably, the decline in diamond mining and diminishing natural resources is expected to drive further increases in prices on natural diamonds. It is essential to be aware of the 4 Cs when it comes to assessing diamonds – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. Investment grade diamonds will retain their value, especially when accompanied by certification from respected institutes such as the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), or De Beers. Diamonds are priced against a standardised benchmark, the Rapaport, which provides a distinctive advantage against other natural gemstones that are assessed from a more subjective point of view.


An Art Deco style diamond cocktail ring

An Art Deco style diamond cocktail ring

Sold for £41,000


The secondary market refers to the resale of pre-owned or previously worn diamonds. Trends in fashion and consumer preferences can influence the demand for second-hand diamonds, indeed when you consider environmental concerns and depleting natural resources, trading of pre-loved diamonds has become absolutely essential.

A combination of all the aforementioned factors has led to an overall decrease in supply with an increase in demand, pushing prices within the secondary market to an all-time high. Indeed, there may never have been a better time to consider selling unwanted diamond jewellery. We would always advise consulting with a jewellery expert who will be able to provide advice as well as current market expectations.


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