Where is the Best Place to Sell Cartier?

When it comes to selling Cartier, the most optimal solution will involve an experienced specialist


The house of Cartier has been synonymous with exceptional designs, exquisite craftsmanship and decadent quality throughout its existence. Established in 1847 the maison has been creating precious jewellery, timepieces, and accessories for well over 170 years; as one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury industry, it should come as no surprise that there is a vast array of ways to sell your second-hand Cartier pieces, but which one is best?


 A spectacular Cartier Kashmir sapphire and diamond flower brooch

Sold for £340,000


The sale of pre-owned luxury goods traditionally involves consideration of the materials used, the design and style, as well as the condition and current market demand. Although all these features will contribute to the value of a Cartier work of art, pieces produced by this revered house of jewellers enjoy an enduring and fervent following thus commanding an additional premium. At the forefront of the luxury industry throughout the 20th century, Cartier’s contributions to each era remain highly celebrated and sought after.

Popular for their jewellery and watch creations, Cartier have also produced and retailed clocks, cufflinks, tiaras, money clips, lipstick holders, compacts, minaudieres, cigarette cases, pens, silverware and so much more.


Cartier Ballon Bleu XL Platinum

A limited edition Cartier Ballon Bleu XL Platinum ref: 3377

Sold for £8,800


When it comes to selling Cartier wares, the most optimal solution will involve an experienced specialist; a pawnbroker or a scrap metal organisation would certainly be the least viable option for selling unwanted Cartier pieces. Some jewellers will purchase Cartier jewellery, while others may only be interested in Cartier watches, indeed they may not have a market for clocks or tiaras. Consulting with a few dealers with specialist knowledge in all things Cartier would be advisable.

However, one should always consider where the highest price can be achieved when selling Cartier.

Cartier, London. An Art Deco diamond bracelet with articulated geometric panel links

Sold for £32,000


As a firm favourite amongst royalty and aristocracy for many decades, surviving antique Cartier pieces often hold an intriguing provenance. Whether you own a Cartier Panthère necklace that once belonged to a Princess or perhaps a Cartier Tank wristwatch that was gifted to you on a special celebration, the best way to sell any Cartier piece is through a reputable auction house with a global client base, like Dawsons.

Instead of offering a Cartier creation to a limited collection of potential buyers, Dawsons’ in-house marketing team will directly target and market a Cartier item to a much broader international audience of serious Cartier collectors and enthusiasts, ensuring that the best possible price is achieved.


A Fine and Rare Cartier 18k Minute Repeater Open Faced Pocket Watch

Sold for £17,000


Even the Cartier establishment has been known to take part in bidding wars for earlier examples of their creations. Here at Dawsons, experienced and knowledgeable inhouse jewellery & watch Valuers will be able to assist with any Cartier creation and facilitate a sale that achieves the true potential value of a piece, regardless of what type of item it is.

Our sole aim is to achieve the best price for our clients in respect of any Cartier we sell.


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